Monday, 31 October 2011

Style Star of The Day!

This is so classy, can't wait to get myself that white blazer.

Love for Fashion Illustrations

I love Fashion Illustrations, now I am so bad with sources, I actually forgot where I got this from or who the artist is. But this is just beautiful, I wish I could order some for FT! it's Love at first site for me

Friday, 28 October 2011

8020 RULE

So this post I am dedicating to a fellow blogger in Tanzania, Shamim Mwasha. Shamim is a hard working woman who is a go getter she likes to develop herself as time goes and she has truly gotten better at what she does. I started visiting 8020 Fashions when the lovely lady introduced herself by commenting in 2009 when I opened the blog. She is celebrating 5 years of her blog this Sunday with an AFrican attire theme party, WILL BE interesting. I hope I will see a lot of these in your pictures! Happy 5th Anniversary, speaking of which FT Blog was on its 5th year this June, pheeww time flies when you are busy writing. Shamim has made it part of her profession, she now does red carpet reports, wedding reports and so much more that you can see here


Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Wow! Naomi the Legend! Beautiful!


Houndtooth & checkered patterns... I see you Miss Kelly!



Now you can call it an obsession because I love where this is going!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Monday, 24 October 2011

Classic Black - Beautiful


Inspired Living

I heart flowers

Natural Days

Hope y'all had a love weekend. So Solange has let her hair out to breath which reminds me... I have gone natural and I am loving it. I actually went natural a few months before my obsession with Miss Knowles. Mine is a bit longer than hers and fuller. As much as it is unmanageable, I am learning so much about my own natural hair and it's growth patterns. Plus there are so many tutorials from beautiful African women all over the world. I will share with you all soon. 

Want to rock your own natural hair but don't know how to? Keep visiting FT blog and I will share lots. My goal is actually to grow it very long then i'll wear it out because at the moment it's too much work for my busy schedule to start doing all the cool styles you can do with your natural hair. I have actually just finished my transitioning zone and now, I'm on my growth zone. Till then.. Enjoy this beautiful black sistah really enjoying what God gave her!

Friday, 21 October 2011

Never stop challenging yourself

So I was reading an article today and it really made me think about each second I spend on earth. MMMmmh... As I said earlier I am a person who always needs to challenge myself to never get bored despite my weak immune system which I am trying hard to beat. Anyway I thought sharing is caring so here is what you can always ask yourself:

1. Is life monotone?
Is your life monotone? Is there little excitement or challenge? Do you feel an urge to try new things? Are you becoming restless? Admitting this is the first step in embarking on new things. Just ask yourself if you are ready to push yourself a bit.

2. What is calling out to you?
Have you always dreamed of running a marathon? Have you thought about tackling a fourteener? Are you itching to put your name in the running for a promotion? What have you considered in the past that you have never given much thought to? Write down some ideas to get you started. Now place a star next to the one that is calling out to you the loudest.

3. Move forward
Now that you have an idea of the challenge that you might want to embark on, it's time to take action. A goal is pointless if you don't detail and move forward with the action portion. Even if it is baby steps, you are doing something that you weren't doing before. So, don't beat yourself up if you don't move at a fast pace. Just list the steps that you would need to take to begin your journey.


As you all know October is Breast Cancer month and we must all be aware of this. Women need to always examine and have checks done. Get checked early please!

And the trees are stripped bare
Of all they wear
What do I care
And kingdoms rise
And kingdoms fall
But you go on

Inspired by My Office

Today I am inspired by my office and work wear. You see for a creative individual like me, I need my office to be as creative as possible. A client of mine walked into my office the other day and said, 'every time I walk in here you change things and I'm inspired.' And that wasn't the first person and now I believe in translating my creativity to the way I dress! I am a person who gets bored very quickly so if i'm not always reinventing myself, I feel like I am not doing what I love. I love to be simple but be absolutely classy and edgy. I have found pencil skirts to be my favourite favourite item ever next to my sheath dresses. So these are the looks I am in awe for at the moment:

This is my favourite of all and I want it like now!

I am hoping to do my home office soon and I am looking for inspirations like everywhere. I love this1
Interior Inspirations can come from anything, ain't this cool!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

FT For your Home

Donnez votre maison un peu d'amour

a Lil' TLC wouldn't hurt : )

Love FT!

Summer Spring and FALL

Whilst in Tanzania, the heat is getting hotter and hotter by the day, elsewhere people are thinking about sweaters and winter jackets (those were the days when my friends and I would trek different stores looking for the perfect fit). Today I give you 3 different looks that will help you look Chic in the changing weather. For those entering the hot hot African Summer i've given you tips too : )

Fall lovelies: throw a jacket on top of this camel inspired ensemble and you are done
summer lovers: a pencil skirt and brown strappy heels would do great for a day at the job or shorts and nice camel brown sandals would do great.
Don't you just love those earrings!

Love this fall look!
summer lovers: nice burgundy stilletos, keep the sweater in the closet and you are so done!

This one just change the shoes... could be great with a black pencil skirt, light cotton pencil bootleg trousers or even black shorts for the night! I adore the bag, got mine in grey : )

Hope you will try these picks!

Musing of a Beautiful Soul

Since Girlfirends, I have been absolutely obsessed with Tracy Ellis Ross. She is smart, funny, beautiful and very stylish! Let's not forget that her mother is the ICONIC Ms. Diana Ross. I would say Tracey has found her own and made a name for herself. Her laughter is infectious would make you just want to have a lighter mood. As per my last post, she has a new show coming, P.S. don't I sound like i've been hired to hype the show! Oh well, it resembles the Cosby Show but a modern kind of Cosby show.

It's weird till today I still call her joan (her character in Girlfriends). That is a sentiment to how good she is. Apart from that, I love her style and the fact that she is so natural. By the way I cut my hair and went natural. That's a story for another post, so until then let us be dazzled with Tracey's style, classy, demure and effortless chic all at the same time.