Monday, 22 December 2008

Out fit panache

Aisha Tyler's dress and shoes are working for me. The hair cut too
Wow. Ms Washington, you are working that outfit, full leather and playing with colours. The cut of the top accentuates and levitates. Simple yet very stylish

Black doesn't always have to be boring, mixing it here mix it there, I love that scarf and the simple pumps. I am just teaching you how to layout your outfits girls!! Enjoy!

Friday, 19 December 2008

Pick n' Mix

This is so chic boutique...

Simple that my chanel bag? mh, I can see mustard goes well with aqua blue too...maybe I can do a mustard bag/clutch with that outfit.

I've been debating with myself about this outfit, I love it... maybe mh... would I wear it... mh maybe not with the sequined jacket... maybe I would... but I love it with the mustard clutch bag... it's just a finishing touch that works!

Thursday, 18 December 2008

That Home Touch

I am an interior designing freak... well, a great lover of all things fashion!
Just a candle can be so boring, how about flowers with it especially with this special season
the dream creation
Intimacy with nature

And I just loved this T-shirt that's all...truly expressed

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

The two obsessions

This season, I have two obsessions. 
First being a pencil skirt 

And second a ruffle with one shoulder effect...It's just that beautiful! What's your favourite?

The Holiday feeling

Style has a way of creeping into your body and fitting just right. You must be wanting to look demure and sexy this holiday season. A pick or two just for you
I love style that fits just right, Have you noticed how you never wear matching shoes rather a totally contrasting colour. Love the bag
Purple haven, shine on ladies. Now not every one should wear purple just cause it's the colour for this season. You can have accents, for example accessories like shoes, clutches or a dress with no matching accessories like this. It's a season to be jolly tralalalala
Or, you can be me and wear red like Miss Lathan. On New Years Eve

Then on New years day, simple chic would do, and just cuz' I love what Ms Long's wearing. Pop a colour with black then accent it with printed shoes (they must be cute is the rule)

Pick me because I'm sexy

Black doesn't have to be boring, just wear it right...
I love this jacket, I'm on a mission to recreate it with shorter arms, it's chic sexy
I don't know if I love this dress or not but there is something about it. The detail is eye catching and just makes you that much interested, put leather on it, have the neck plunging and the open back, the frill detail, with the bubbled arms and you've got you a beautiful eye catcher.

For The love of Chanel

I gotta new love, it's small it's cute, it comes in all colours, and it makes me feel fabulously chic! It's chanel's cute little bag, it can e worn over the shoulder, hold it on your hand, as a clutch or a one shoulder... You love it or Hate it, I want it
metallic infusion
My favourite, it says classy

My everyday squeeze, my heart has been taken over by this

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Fashion Hunt

I went on a hunt for fashion from the fashion hungry jungle.  I tend to love people who have their own individual style. I have showcased mine so many times, so what's yours?
ugh, she is so work ready, I always say, tone down a patterned bottom with a white t-shirt or shirt, with those nude accented accessories. It's no wonder her fashion was hunted
Boho chic, talk about individuality
I am so into this dress and the shoes they go perfectly with the accessories
Since overcoming a lot of tragedies, I feel like a new woman and came back more feminine and this is one of the looks I absolutely have been dotting around with confidence 

That executive confidence, is what I have and it all comes out with my fashion

Monday, 15 December 2008

Sharing ASOS

Today I received an email from my favourite shopping place. I just thought since, it's a time to share and be nice so for this festive season these looks are working... for those in the cold or for us in the heat!
For my petit ones out there elongate your legs and body with these numbers
I heart this dress from ASOS so much better than the one on SJP
For my biker chicks, if you wanna go girly yet still maintain your cool throw in that jeans biker jacket onto a sparkling number
I've fallen in love with both the picks especially the skirt and dress ooh

Nothing says its christmas than a sparkling green dress..I want I want... with those earrings then tone it down with the black kitten heels. Mh what would you do without fashion!

Sunday, 14 December 2008

love of dresses

I have a thing for dresses. You see with me, whatever I wake up with in my head and what my body feels like that day that's what I will put on.
I love it. The details are excellent... love the shoes too 
How cute... if you've got the legs flaunt them
Purple is the colour, love pocketed dresses

My fave, I am a red dress devil, i like the fact that she wore cream shoes with it

Celebrity style watch

I like to watch what stars wear...I am not so much of a follower of their style but there some exceptions and plus I can pick bits and bobs.
I love the look... I can see myself wearing it (i have seen myself wearing actually)

I love riri and her stylist..the ensemble is cool and minimal which I love. I absolutely do not love the make up and the nails as cool as they are do not go with the look. I am also starting to hate the hair going big flatten it a bit girl. Otherwise still love her look...nice legs too!!

Did you guys notice the similarities between the two? a trend that I would love to rock...the heavy mix of bangles on one side and one little accent not to have a barehand on the other. I like!! both also rocked the ring on the index! Keep a close eye ladies

Thursday, 11 December 2008


Another discovery, another day... Modern Africa prevails
Sexy kitten
Sho cute... love the complimentary shoes
Ayi yay yay...

You know me, an old fashion girl, always love me my tea dresses

Tis' the be...ta la la blah

It's that festive season again...and I am not feeling that festive here! I miss the lights in each road around London especially New Bond Street. The music around which makes you jolly whether you want or not!!
Dirty Funk, grime
I love me this dress it's perfect for those parties around this season. I'm thinking New Year's Eve party
I love pink in this season for some reason...I would wear this to work..well not the tights. It's too bluddy hot here
After seeing this picture of New Years resolution is to really get fit this time. Remember, I'm becoming a Doer.

Ashley and Mary-Kate

I love the unique style of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen... Whatever they feel like wearing they will wear without caring about  the what who where and why...

I love the sunglasses... Those earrings are something else
Cute dress, not for all but if it's for you it will look perfect
I love these, especially for petit madames... they elongate your figure and make you look taller and slimmer
I actually really like the full outfit but I know else where it's really cold right now so boots in style ladies

So me, sooooooo me... I love it