Friday, 25 September 2009

With my head held up high

Curves in all the right places

So you're still waiting to "develop" are you? Well, stop waiting and start creating. Make your own curves for Pete's sake.

  • Jackets: The term "nip and tuck" isn't just reserved for plastic surgery. Tapered jackets can accentuate bustlines and waistlines.
  • Skirts: Pair a full skirt with a long top and add a ribbon belt to create a waist. Belted skirts with pockets create the same effect.
  • Tops: Fitted bodices create a super-sexy shape. Shop for V-necks and scoop necks as well.
  • Dresses: Cinch a belt at the waist over a dress for instant curves.

The blu cherri

And the show must go on..

Quite impressive 

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Crispy chill in the air

I am loving how grey and brown look together. With the chilled and crispy London weather I am glad to be switching my style a bit from the total heat. 
Those greys with a hint of brown perfect. Sophisticated sassy

cinched in the right places

Loving the Best of both worlds

Hey ladies so I know you must be wondering where art thou have been! What ever that means, but you know what I mean. Well, I am in London for a few days... plus having that the Fashion week is on and ended today and starting the fashion weekend tomorrow... plus came right on time for the antique trade fair! How I love London... after a let down Tuesday morning of egoistic people, I decided it's time to take matters into my own hands and competition should only strengthen you and not break you. Stronger than ever and in total love with fashion and the state of mind I am in at the moment... what else could a girl ask for! Mmmh how about more creativity:
Here's a little of my favourites from LFW:
Starting with the colourful Mathew Williamson

The Grecious Osman
And going to the edgy side of egyptian inspirations by Sass and Bide

Dark and sweet, I love it.
However, I see alot of black and whites with pastel colours, as well as polka dots just creeping into my spring of 2010 and why not! Lets just have fun with fashion and remember, just because it's a trend don't mean you must follow it. Take into account your style, your body and you whole look. And don't forget to take a picture of yourself at every chance you get so you can see how your style has evolve. As they say pictures can say a thousand of words... but they can really show you the real look.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

One and Only.. this is me!

I like to be on the edge but still maintain my lady like demeanor so in todays pick, 
This is a representation of me, unique (jewelry), hyper ask my colleagues in the morning I am like a child who has been given candy seriously : )(flowery jacket), and at times like to keep myself to my self hence the black. I am truly loving straight legged or skinny trousers these days they are so much fun!

Inspired by interior decorating

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Trends come and go, Fashion Lives Forever

Height enhancer

You can only add so many inches with high heels. It's true they look great, are slimming and make you feel taller, but they also absolutely kill your feet. When you want to give your tootsies a break, try these tricks.
Trousers: Finding pants that make you look taller is easy. Long, wide-leg trousers lengthen legs. Pinstripes and front creases are also flattering for those who could use a few more inches.
Skirts: Short skirts will make all women look taller. They don't have to be minis; just-above-the-knee lengths work too. If you're "vertically challenged," longer skirts will make you look like you are standing in a hole.
Dresses: Empire-waist dresses lengthen your bottom half. Try above-the-knee lengths here as well.
Tops: Drop V-necks with a vertical stripe create the look of a longer torso. Long slim sweaters will also make you look longer.
  • Jackets: Keep 'em short and sweet. Longer jackets will make you look shorter.

Monday, 14 September 2009


I salute the photographer who captured Megan Fox in the most beautiful of Photoshoots I have seen in a while.

Her Royal chicness

In My little boudoir

I love this african inspired sofa
A little more cultured

I love this chair... I know, weird but its just perfect display for a jeans shop I think 
On my coffee table I want these!

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Tummy Tucker

Good day all, 
Not that exercising and dieting aren't good for you but sometimes cutting down on the cheesecake just isn't enough to get rid of that tummy you have had since, well, birth. Here is some tips on how to dress your body when your tummy just isn't co-operating:
Men's style shirts (also known as the boyfriend shirt) tucked into skirts and trousers camouflage the middle area and are always very chic.

Layered chiffon tops create the illusion of 'lightness' around the belly area. As with dresses try ruched tops to hold you in and V-necks to distract the eye.
As for jackets, stick to slightly tapered jackets  to create a slimmer waist

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Minimizing Those Hips For Those Pear Shaped Bodies

If your hips have caused you years of tears, then buck up and start dressing around them. The following tips will allow you to minimize the pear shape that you have been cursing since puberty.
  • Skirts: Fuller, below-the-knee skirts conceal wider hips. Avoid high-waisted pencil skirts and opt for A-line styles and skirts with hemline details, which balance your shape.
  • Trousers: Sport fuller, wide-leg pants. Avoid cropped pants, which make your legs look shorter.
  • Dresses: Well defined waists with fuller skirts can hide a multitude of sins! Try strapless or V-neck styles to draw the eye upward and away from your lower half.
  • Jackets: Damn those shrunken-style jackets that are so in right now! They only draw attention to hips and backsides. Stick to longer jackets that camouflage the hip area.
  • Tops/Sweaters: Whenever possible, go with halter styles and boat necks, which create the illusion of broader shoulders. So do cardigans with horizontal stripes. Steer clear of clingy or tight tops.