Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Musing of a Beautiful Soul

Since Girlfirends, I have been absolutely obsessed with Tracy Ellis Ross. She is smart, funny, beautiful and very stylish! Let's not forget that her mother is the ICONIC Ms. Diana Ross. I would say Tracey has found her own and made a name for herself. Her laughter is infectious would make you just want to have a lighter mood. As per my last post, she has a new show coming, P.S. don't I sound like i've been hired to hype the show! Oh well, it resembles the Cosby Show but a modern kind of Cosby show.

It's weird till today I still call her joan (her character in Girlfriends). That is a sentiment to how good she is. Apart from that, I love her style and the fact that she is so natural. By the way I cut my hair and went natural. That's a story for another post, so until then let us be dazzled with Tracey's style, classy, demure and effortless chic all at the same time.


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