Monday, 31 May 2010

African Magic

Christiane King, I love thee...

Slogan T-shirts

The madness of this world, as much as I used to like slogan t-shirts, when I was a little younger and I owned a few that i'd wear very occasionally. The last time I wore one was at a slogan tee party months ago. See, to me what you wear represents who you are, whether you are wearing it to be funny, rude, or as a representation of yourself. To me all of it is a representation of yourself. Now some of us go to the extreme, I mean seriously, orgasm donor? As much as you do not care about what people think, some things are better left within a group that knows you, it just doesn't represent you so well. That's my opinion... what's yours? Would you wear a tee that said that or even how would you view someone who wears a t-shirt like that? Let me know...
I would personally wear a tee with graphics and this message. What would you wear?

Friday, 28 May 2010

Love for African fashion

I am loving Africa more and more... hey we are getting there in fashion everybody's embracing our fabrics in fashion! I am totally in love with the styling in these. Africa keep shining bright and I'm gonna keep on representing! Enjoy your weekend ladies...
Me love this

Styling on top

Love the pop of colour

In the city with style

By now you all know SATC is out there and on promo craze! For me apart from loving the girls I followed it especially since my best friend is obsessed with it (miss you lee). This shoe game is just on top for me know doubt about it! I must say I am a little bit of all of these girls. Sorry Samantha's shoe game was too girl on the street for me so sowwy... love her crazy self but unh unh! Enjoy...

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

follower of my own

I love these so much... what do y'all think? I am a person who hasn't one style but I can wake up Jackie O classy, next day Marilyn Manroe demure, and the next I'm Kate hudson boho chic... whatever feeling I wake up with that's how I'll dress. But I tend to stay away from looking frumpy on a day I feel down. I would brighten my day with the way I dress so you'll never know...

I love this colour... styling on point

Cute chic... shooesss love them
Me on a simple don't want to be bothered mood. I love Chanel Iman...

Greatness of a standard

The definition of high standard, Vlisco is what it is... I love their fabrics and how they present them to us. Not just as piles of fabrics but the vision that would be the finished product once made. beautifuly natural models who strut like no other... this is what I call standard high to be met quality to be measured! Great... now enjoy

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Getting maxed out

I have 2 obsessions at the moment long dresses and pink and white interior... mmmh... what's your obsession!A lot of women would say shoes...

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Reflections of the morning

I woke up this morning and felt the hype, so dragged my lil' sis out of bed hit the gym and swam in beautiful warm water with a beautiful view. The greatest start to the morning... whilst I prepare for the biggest leap of my life, it is time for me to get my health right for God willingly the best decision I've made in my life. Ladies, sometimes all you need is a hand to hold you through. Thanks! On the fashion note... I have been posting a lot of African fashion and frankly I'm not going to apologize cuz it is beautiful... so keep on enjoying


Love these jackets, I've made my own and looking forward to making more and better ones
Colours and styling is what matters

Thursday, 20 May 2010

The pride of a woman

Confidence who I am, I am poise, I am me, I am what I can be and what you see. I am proud of who I am as God has made me.

The heart that never listens

I have a heart that sometimes has its own mind and wants things my mind is hesitant about.
I have a blessing from God that will soon happen,
Sometimes I wonder, sometimes I feel grateful, oh dear heart be in tune with my mind,
It's my prayers that the coming is what you planned for me and what has past will stay in the past,
I love the feeling that it scares me at times,
Dear heart be in tune with my mind,
Dear God, you are the only one I trust, the only one I have hope on that all will be as great a you plan, the only one who can make it all as great as I pray to be.
Sometimes I am harsh, Sometimes I am selfish, all in all I love thee all and want it all at the best.
Sometimes my perfectionism gets in the way of decisions, changed and changed again... I have decided to turn to you and pick and pray its the right one.
Dear God, Sometimes is now!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

If you can Vlisco

Vlisco as vibrant, colourful fabric line that has so much to say when a person wears a garment made with a Vlisco fabric. It's classy and unique and chic just for you so ladies if you can... Vlisco

Monday, 3 May 2010

Choose to be what you believe...

Born with style, built with creativity... This Tanzanian designer is setting her own heights for others to reach. She simply is retro chic whilst using the traditional East African Khanga. Her new collection for SS10 is bananas! I would so wear it, I've recently made a couple of khanga dresses and a jacket. It's nice to wear something and everyone says that's niiiiiice! Exactly what I said to Chichia's designs. Everyone... Chichia of London, Enjoy

 I love the bright colours with the natural feel of the rest of the tones