Monday, 30 August 2010

Monday Muse

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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

FT's only once

After the wedding I decided to make changes in my life, I first, decided to go full time on my digital media agency. I have also been giving some very deserved love to my pride and joy (FT Boutique). So I had a bit of fun and treats for FT customers on the 7th August only. It was fun as the first customers got to go with a lot of goodies and fun in store. As much as it hurt me to see somethings go at half price but in the end it was worth the day of really bonding with my clients. Unfortunately, I felt sick mid-day and had to leave it all to my very trusted sales associate.
As I look forward to Fashion Week, I just cant wait to have new stock in at FT so for the first and only time FT is having a 30% off all items in store. Even added some old favourites that have been requested by my customers. Below is the first ad (appeared in Advertising Dar) by the very exclusive FT Boutique at Oysterbay Shopping Centre. Ladies there's always time to dress...

What's been happening?

Hey y'all so I know you've been wondering whatever happened to me posting since May. It was getting hectic. First of all I got engaged in January and thought after arranging so many weddings, mine will be easy breezy... mmmh little did I know. First came the dresses that was another mission (trying on 50 white dresses in a day ain't fun). I finally found the perfect one by Maggie Sottero (featured below) that made my day even better when I saw my husband's reaction : )
Us, Having our first dance
Me and my one and only sibling (I loved the bow on her dress)

I must say I hate big weddings and I hate the fact that everybody wants to organise their own weddings in yours. Ridiculous really!! As I was once told, the wedding is your family's and the marriage is yours. At the end of the day my husband and I became one and I appreciate my family so much for everything they have done. It was 4 events to be remembered. The first event was Henna (Sorry I'll post pic of what I wore next time) this was a fun evening with Mzee yusuf live, babloom (well i'm from the coast TNG must represent), then came send off another fun night full of happy people (After not seeing my fiance' for 3 weeks it was nice : ) There I wore the light blue dress above designed and tailored by Khalid (he is from this boutique in Dubai that tailor makes beautiful wedding attires). For the wedding day I wore a beautiful olive green gown which accentuated my body (He loved that one too), I then changed into a very bright gold dress (below) which was fun for the Karam.
I chose my sister as my only maid of honor, you see theres only two of us in my family so why not, and she made everything easier. All in all I thank God for everything and so now I am a Mrs. What's next?