Monday, 30 November 2009

FT's little snippets

I heard them say, 'If the shoe fits buy it in every colour,' : ) especially at FT!

For the ladies that love to look their best at work no matter what kind of mood they have, shoes, bags, and all things nice!
This was my favorite work dress in FT's collection (it's gone to a lovely lady who looks beautiful in it, not the model in the picture by the way) but that Audrey Hepburn bag is a classic that I treasure and when it finds its home I'll make sure it's the perfect match.

Vogue it Girls

Ladies, I did come back 2 weeks ago however I have been on the busy side of the world with launching campaigns at work and other projects! I know I always have something cooking. Thank you to all  who have been shopping at FT, I had to get new arrivals after 2 weeks. It's been a good start thanks to all of you. I am working on making the collection available for you all to see so give me a bit of time cuz I'm a perfectionist so bare with me.

Otherwise here is a little real fashion for you all from Vogue China.
This suit is crazy cool, I love it!

I could definitely do with the red shoes and those harem trousers

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Working mum

Hi Ladies and Gents, I am away at the moment hence the quietness but I got a bit of time to steal away from my day! Thank you so much for the lovely comments. I truly appreciate it. Anyway, today I am loving working mums, do you know how hard that is, I love children and they truly make my day brighter! Many of us women in this day and time are opting for career instead of being at home mothers! Some can and some find that one starts to fall (God help us, it ain't the home front)... So, for all working mothers stay chic and look professional in whatever job you are in...

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

FT Launch

hey Ladies, I hope you've all been keeping well. You've been wondering why i've been quiet, well this is why! On Saturday 31st October 2009 I opened FT Boutique with a few close friends, friends of friends, and their friends and family of-course! We had a mini fashion show, yummy bites, speeches, and the opening which proved very successful on the first night! I was so exhausted and overwhelmed and teary eyed by the way people took it all! Anyway, so FT Boutique is at Oysterbay Shopping Centre, Opposite 344 Restaurant and right next to one of my mum's Salon. Evening and work wear, and those finishing touches to your outfit (shoes, bags and all the accessories you may not think of) How do I feel? mmmh at last, a breath of fresh air in Dar...

My Fierce girl working it

Sasha fierce showing the finishing touches that make Zaidi creation's dress which is also available at FT

I worked it with my little black dress, I cut my hair by the way about 2 months ago. I don't know how to work short hair but i'm getting used to it!

Everybodies favourrite dress...
Work it girl
Then everybody was like hungry for the finishing touches

It was a great atmosphere that made me proud

All sorts of women who love fashion were so busy grabbing what they like and buying it of-course
Some of the finishing touches

You are all welcome

Love FT.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

It's all in the way you carry yourself

We are all beautiful... but the way people see you all depends on how you carry yourself on the outside. You can be the most vulnerable of people but if by first glance you appear confident, sophisticated and good hearted that's what my 1st impression of you will be. The rest can all be worked on...

We still have to remember your insides can be uplifted by what you have on the outside. Imagine waking up to a bad dream, then you can't go back to sleep any more! How about you get up go for a walk/jog/run if its the morning, shower and pick an outfit that you would wear on a good day then come tell me how you feel after all that...

Monday, 26 October 2009


Hey y'all been extra busy you'll know why by the end of the week. Been browsing through my daily reads and I must say greatness has to start from somewhere...
Kirette creation
I love this Kirette dress.. very elegant and nicely done

Lastly, I must give kudos to my fellow blogger who Sheria for these beautifully classic creations. In the pic is the man himself

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Raise your shoulder and sculpt your waist

I love these raised shoulders jackets, I've found that they actually create a nice waist line and make you look slimmer!
Miss Berry, I heart this

The funky Cici doing it casual yet chic

Sleek Sophisticated

Style is not for the faint hearted! Developing thick skin in sticking by your demure style, from interior to your wardrobe. Ain't it the reason why I say to you and your home, for without thee feeling great and your home looking great you are not complete.

Sleek Sophisticated, I call it!
Vintage modern

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

I like sheath dresses, they make me feel ready to concur the world and up for anything that comes my way. Worn with a belt, flats or high heels, scarf or sweater however it goes make it look boardroom ready at all times.

Monday, 12 October 2009

When the time comes Kosibah is what I would wear

This dress is a dream... with the flowers being in my favourite colour, the one shoulder effect and the veil! Perfect!
The Before

The after

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

New Season what's not and what's yay!


As fall’s base color ways are typically charcoal, navy, black and shades of browns, I am finding the new accent colors to be pale pinks, jade greens and sultry reds.


Blending both the best cuts and accents of your favorite fitted minis and carefree maxis, lie the classier knee range alternative. Two inches above or below the knee and cut for a sleek and accentuating fit, this comfortable and wearable medium is both sexy and fashion forward.


 A shoe completes your outfit as much as you might not like to think so. Try wearing a beautiful dress with ugly shoes... huh! you tell me how you'll feel about it.


As women we often try to make shoe our bag and shoe game is on top, I certainly do atleast! However ladies, I hate matching if you do match make sure the outfit is really dull and the shoe and bag you are matching are in settle colours! I would prefer you choose whether you want your shoe or bag to stand out then you make sure it complements your outfit. After all it's all about the finishing touches to yourself...

Hav a great day ladies!

Monday, 5 October 2009

Guess Who's Back...Again!

Hey Ladies,

Sorry i've been so quiet... I must say a week away from you all, is not a complete week. So anyways, I came back from London last Tuesday. I missed the last day of fashion week but loved attending Fashion weekend. Bought a lot of-course for you benefit soon. That was Wednesday, then I spent saturday from 7am cruising London, I started off with Selfridges... for my favourites Krispy Kreme donughts toffee glazed wasn't available so I bought one with sprinkles, only for the guy to offer me one with chocolate and toffee glaze and it was yummy! Bought all I needed from there and headed to one of my favourite places in London for weekends Portobello mmh... I love that place, antique buying is heart filling and this is how it went
So by this time it was already 8am... I found this homeless, disabled Jamaican guy playing the can/tin (i don't remember what it's called) and everyone was enjoying his music and leaving money. It got me thinking, looking at how much disabled people in TZ beg for money instead of working for it. But this guy made my day, he used his talent to get money... and everyone has a talent no matter disabled or not
I moved on down and found these Lebanese singers really enjoying the morning, it was so much fun. For those who don't know Portobello rd. is in Notting Hill where the movie Notting Hill was made and if you are lucky you might meet Kate Moss who lives close to there and loves to explore.
Then I saw heaven on earth... I am a cupcake lover and I had been craving a cupcake, Humming Bird is my favourite bakery they make heavenly cakes and cupcakes... I wish there was a place like that in Tanzania.
So I bought myself a velvet cake... and oh my God it was like I was flying up in cloud 9, slowly licking the cream making sure not to even miss a tiny little drop. I spent half of the day there... and bought an antique camera and lots of fun goodies
Then I had to go to Harvey Nichols over at Knightsbridge, near Harrods and I absolutely fell in love with the creativity used in this Visual merchandising. I love creative people ; )

This is my favourite
I then joined my mum at Westfields, the biggest mall in London and found this store visual merchandising also quite enticing. My inspiration came back a live...

With the over use of brand names, I found the name of this store absolutely clever cuz you will always remember and they had some cutting edge style too. Ofcourse at the end of that day my shoulders were in pain from carrying too many bags as my mum had the driver. One thing you have to know about me is, I love to shop alone, I hate it when people start giving me their opinions unless otherwise needed. And I've done my best shopping when shopping alone and enjoy it. People that know me always say, wow I'm glad I left you alone whenever they see what I bought. I guess I always have to have that close eye for that finishing touch to everything.