Sunday, 28 June 2009

FT's pick

Ft's african Sunday pick

Thursday, 25 June 2009

FT's pick in memory of MJ

My pick today is obviously inspired by the Legend, the soulful, and in my dance self the best dancer in the world. MJ! We won't miss a bit because your music/fashion/dance moves will live on forever...

Fashion in Memory of MJ

Michael Jackson has in so many ways inspired young to the old, the music industry to the fashion world, the wacky the weird the eccentric the chic can describe MJ in so many ways. So many copied his style... and here are some

remember Kanye's MJ gloves too which we see on Rihanna
Rihanna did the full hair and jacket to resemble MJ

Fashion, Music, soul, POP will live on although the man may be gone! 

R.I.P MJ your music will live on +

Our Angel Farrah fawcet was taken away by Cancer today may the good Lord rest her soul
BUT the world is in shock at the death of...

May the good Lord rest his beautiful soul...
we will always remember his music and the fashion that we can really see now!

Boxing Kitten

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Grand Ball

Hey FT here,
So my lil' sis took the big step of moving from kidulthood to adulthood, she graduated. The morning ceremony was tearful as we realise our baby girl ain't little no more, followed by a pre party then the grand dinner and dance prom! She looked beautiful of course (will upload pictures when I get back, I left cable). However, there was one dress that caught my eyes, a summer surprise that can brighten the world, a little cocktail dress that speaks simply wow...
This yellow bcbg dress caught my eyes... looked even better on the petit madame who was wearing it
If you fell in love with the front then the back is just simply gorgeous. Simple but wows that's the whole deal
Today's FT pick is this pink chiffon BCBG dress that I have accented with the gold clutch

some white heels and these finishing touches to your look!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Arise Africa Fashion Shows

Hey ya'll, on my way to the west of the world, transit 6 hours what the heck after an 8 hour flight! Can't wait to see my sis, my angel! anyhow back to the fashion world, Arise keeps us entertained with Africa Fashion show, featuring...
Tiffany Amber

Our very own Millen Magese working the Cat walk, beautiful


Ready to wear and so african western

Ofcourse our very own Mustafa Hassanali was there to represent

I must congratulate him for this beautiful upgrade of a creation would definitely love those umbrellas
Lanre Da Silva Ajayi

Utilizing the 50s into this African infusion... class will always remain!
Wuh to the world Africa is coming and I am loving it!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Tuesday fabulousity

Today is one day away from my holiday, off I am to the world of fashion and inspirations. Leaving with a Bang, but I remain with my dignity, staying with my eclecticism... being chic comes natural yet a change is widely needed, will I be back with a short do or remain with my long us layered coiffure? I don't know all I know is to remain demure.
I'll keep y'all posted with so much more than the usual that I am sure.  

Till the next post...

Love FT!