Monday, 3 September 2012

Work Week Classiness

Wonder Workshop End of Summer sale

Apart from arriving late and finding someone already took my usual spot, Wonder Workshop this time had more exhibitors than usual. That's a good thing... a compound full of creative bodies. Only thing is whenever it goes quite we all then start criticising each other's work : P

In my new finds I thought this Shamim of 8020s Fashion would love. Home furniture with the cushions made up of kitenge african fabrics. Such lovely finishing too 
I particularly loved these side stools, I would have them in my funky office

And this arm chair, gorgeous

This is us all set up

Can you spot the goat wearing eye covers for sleeping (Gosh i've gone blank and forgot the name oh well)

There were so much more but I wasn't feeling well so I had to sit a lot.

It was fun!

Love FT

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Where have I been - Easy Wear

Hi Guys, it has been a long time but I am keeping on with adventures as usual. I strive for new excitements in my life everyday. There was a day I was not bothered to choose what to wear and/or style, I just wanted to put a dress/top/jumpsuit... and go and look effortlessly chic.

I've been drawing since I can remember and as everyone knows I am very eu naturalle person and very effortless chic. I started looking for different types of Fabrics that are light, colourful and unique (not used around with any designer). I found these Malaysian fabrics worn by Maasai mostly and did the one dress and wore it and I got so many great reviews that I started making them for exhibitions only. What I realised was that the ones that the Maasai wear are not long lasting and tear easily, until I found the better quality I said I shall not rest. I did and tested washing in different ways. I love this fabric.

Easy Wear thus was born and I love it. It is however not limited to this fabric only, I also make from other senegalese fabrics and found ways that no one could think I could. This weekend we joined the DFF Fashion to launch FT Easy Wear. I also donated a very cool designed shirt dress made out of the senegalese fabric (not in picture) that was bought on the spot and I am glad the money went to a good cause (Hassan Majaar Foundation).

It was a different experience for me as I do not like spotlights at anytime or day, i love my work to speak for itself. Since I moved to this country I have learned privacy is not a given if you keep a spotlight wherever you go. I love my independence and privacy. 

I had fun, it was something different that I am not sure I'll ever do again but lets see where the future takes us Inshallah!

photos source: M.P and Viwalo : )

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Look of the day..

The top is just gorgeous no need for anymore colourful colour blocking ish!

Sorry guys, i'm not tempted to apologise for my obsession but girl can WERK it! 

I absolutely love this look, she looks gorgeous

Monday, 11 June 2012

Solange Still our Fave 2012!

She is still running the fashion wave and I love that it is almost effortless as in she just does what she likes and what feels good to her! I believe that's fashion! Is she setting trends, NO! She is setting her own trend the SOLO Trend, I love it!

The Fro speaks her own language

My favourite look, very feminine yet very unexpected

Looks we've been loving

Solange, Just because she can

Love this jumpsuit

I have always loved Beyonce's off days looks they are less over the top

Go on Miss Hudson, Representing in Mustard

I love Kim K but I've never been too much of a fan when it comes to her fashion. It suits her body and don't get me wrong she looks gorgeous but I always find it over the top. But this right here is gorgeous!

H & M Love

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Arts and Crafts Market... Love

FT Easy Wear clients checking the collection out whilst setting up

We had a lovely Saturday the week before last at the Arts and Crafts Market, this time around it flowed to the garden at the back of the shopping centre. Giving it a garden market feel outside the Deli Supermarket and Pasta Kitchen. The market is by registration only and you must be giving back to the community in someway not for profit only. You'll find most of these things are made by less advantaged locals, disabled people or sales are given to a cause. I love that so much plus I discovered so many cool stuff which I wish I could buy all! Let me just say we as Tanzanians are so quick to adapt Western culture yet we have so much in our country, so much resources wasted until someone comes to do something with it that's when we wake up AHA! Enjoy the rest of the pictures after the jump...