Monday, 30 April 2012

Tribal print love

1ST of May is a holiday... Lets drink to that : )

dress pick

Not feeling the pale face but I love the sleek blown straight hair and the dress is gorgeous!


Monday, 16 April 2012

Don't Miss it!

I've spent this past weekend and this whole week making a gorgeous collection for EasyWear which I shall share at the event so please come and support!

See you there!

Love FT!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

I don't know if they'd suit me but those are gorgeous!


I am truly loving:
My Neon Lemon (I never remember nail colour names so I baptise my own name) nail colour O.P.I available at Top Knots Hair and Beauty Salon

This bag I bought when I went to Hong Kong last year: It has become one of my favourites. I am a secret bag lady you know! But this gorgeous grey leather (My husband calls it Turtle skin hahah :-D) I love the inside suede and the extra bag that can be removed! You can use in so many ways, aaah a truly satisfying purchase

Tuula Love>> My New Obsession

I want her wardrobe all day everyday! it's so trendy and well styled! Such an inspiration!
This outfit, perfection in working floral print trend

Proper trendy mixed prints perfection

Those shorts and the whole look is just pure chic

Mint Green

Metalic gold leather and high heeled high tops aaaaah!

Graphic Jeans and peplum top

White suit, I need with those mint green shoes

Vibing with Ms. Keys

Saturday, 7 April 2012

R.I.P. Kanumba

Tanzania woke up with a huge shock this morning that one of the biggest actors, Steven Kanumba has died. At a young age, I am not going to say gone too soon because to God there's no such thing.

His time has come and God has decided to take his soul no matter what the cause of it is.

Kanumba is one of the Actors/Director who made Tanzanian Movie industry known in Africa and around the world. What I am amazed with is the fact that he never let anything even his grammatical errors when it comes to speaking English over shadow him. He would just speak as though if you noticed it's your own problem man.

I am not such a big fan of TZ movies (even though my grandmother has made a couple that I am proud of, Yes I have a very energetic and business minded grandmother who never tires to amaze me). However I have watched a couple and the most prominent person has been this man right here.

The other notable part about Kanumba is his style, this is the only person who has been proud to wear silk sheer shirts and colourful suits without care.

For all this I salut him and  I remind Tanzania that the best thing is to pray for his soul and remember only Allah knows when we will depart.

Rest In Peace Mr. Kanumba.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Long Weekend Loving

Wishing you all a Lovely Looooooooong weekend!

Relax, Reboot, Rejoice and then Come Back Fresh!

Love FT!

BEY's Tumblr LOVE

This is gorgeous with no make up, she looks so young! I love that dress

So our creative Mrs has joined the sharing world! Beyonce has just opened her own tumblr following in the footsteps of my favourite Knowles Solo. She shares her moments in life that she has never shared with her fans and the world before! I love how natural she looks and seeing the woman behind the hard work!

Love the look

Love this look too!

Africa meets the World

I love the sequins on the jacket gorgeous, I want to make it!

Mixed prints can be done in African prints too... I love the trousers look!

Made to Perfection

Style Star of the Looong Weekend

I think this is my favourite look of Ms. J. Hudson ever!