Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Get Organized

I have been re-decorating my room for a couple of weeks now and I must tell you I am sleeping better than ever. I am still however looking for my gold paint, I just have this vision and I want to make it come to life. Ooh yeah and I am looking for an Idea, my sister want me to paint her room red (dark red)! Mmh... vision will you come please! I want a walk in closet so badly cuz my clothes are getting filled out in my closet... 
Just so your clothes do not get spoiled make sure you have doors that give your clothes a little breathing space especially if you have an AC in your room!
This is my dream, I am thinking of turning the store into a walk in closet hmm... that's the problem when you are waiting for your apartment to be finished and have to stay in with the parents who by the way are extra happy about you being in the house. I love to be spoiled and I am proper spoiled at home but sometimes independence you yearn for!

I love Eva's closet everything is in it's own place

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Baby that's Phat

Fashion week is on again and I am truly in love with Baby phat/KLS line this time. It's wearable and chic and I can totally see myself in it! I absolutey love the beads always one to notice a finishing touch. 

I am a doer

Ok. so remember my new year's resolution to keep fit. Well, I am proud to say I have kept it and I am doing great. Yoga on Saturdays, swimming on sundays and 45 mins aerobics on weekdays. I feel more energized and better despite the muscle pains from not exercising for a year. 

On the dreams level, I am slowly getting there and I believe in making a perfect dream come true not just launch just because.

So, on that note how are your new year's resolutions getting there?

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Africa resides in all

Ladies, Check the African inspired ensemble... this is what I call fashion!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Fashion the food to my heart

You know, if fashion were food I'd be eating it all day long. When clothes are worn right, with the right colours and tones... remembering what suits your skin tone and brightens your face, you won't get it wrong!
The Queen looks dazzling
I love this... who knew pink and mint green can go so well... ooh I have that clutch! pretty
An interesting outfit on Kim K. I love then I am not sure

I am so glad Miss Hudson is back and looking stronger. I really like K.Cole's lime colour, the colour with her skin tone looks beautiful.

A lesson to learn ladies... always make sure the colour goes perfectly with your skin! Otherwise look beautiful 

Monday, 9 February 2009

Michelle O channeling Jackie O

Jackie O has was quite the fashion inspiration, even in these day and age we still see her fashion surfacing. Recently, it has been Mrs Michelle that's been channeling Jackie and bring back the essence of classic perfection when it comes to close. From the hair styles to the clothing...Michelle Obama has been inspired by the incredible Jackie O.

African Fashion Prevails

I love me some stoned cherrie

For the Sensitive

To the blog viewer who requested help with problem skin. Well, you came to the right place cuz I have very sensitive skin. Even though I am not a beautician nor dermatologist (My Mother is) and through so much trial and error and still trying to look for the perfect product for my skin. In terms of my body I use Laline (located at Brent Cross Shopping centre London)... it's natural, it's beautiful, perfect for my skin and it makes me feel like a woman! On my face when in London, because of the weather, I found prescriptive perfect for my skin. I came to Tanzania and I need to change my product but I will be making my way back to London in June so for now I am still using prescriptive despite the reaction to heat which causes my face to be come oil and pores to be clogged. (I cannot use products like Clarins, creme de lamer etc, they react with my skin)

I would recommend for you to see a dermatologist first so they can tell you what kind of skin you have (oily, dry etc.). If however for some reason you are not able to then please go to John Lewis or any department store and you will find PRESCRIPTIVE (make sure to get advice before buying anything). Another product I hear is perfect for problematic skin is: Purity by Philosophy.

Do try and let me know. PLEASE NOTE: STAY AWAY FROM PRODUCTS WITH ALCOHOL, PERFUMED OR FRAGRANTED UNLESS NATURAL even then it's a trial and error situation.

Make sure to have a face cleanser, toner and moisturizer (day and night) for daily use!

If anyone else who would like to recommend other products that have worked for them then please do share!

Thanks for visiting FT... I hope I was helpful! 

Friday, 6 February 2009

Seek to be amazed

When I am looking at fashion, I seek to be amazed not be dazed looking for what's so special about it! So as I present these lovely afro inspirations let them amaze you or pass on.
Hunny check me out
A cute number for my cute madams
for those flowy days
Madame couture

Creatively inspired

Thursday, 5 February 2009

What I love at the moment?

I am a very eclectic person who has a whirlwind of ideas that can just blow you away or tire you by the end of the day. What I love right now is that I have definitely slowly becoming a doer and not just a dreamer! My aim is to just have fun doing everything I love and meet the passions that I have been yearning to accomplish...! Unique describes me in so many ways, it also describes my style... I like to be none comparable:
My style

My findings... the different ways of saying how you feel

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

V Day is coming

This Valentines... this is what I will be indulging in for myself!Thanks to GT! What are you planning to get?

Monday, 2 February 2009

Couture Continuation

Fashion Haven
I would totally wear
Glamour, a demure lady
cute chic
The Diva in style

The Model chic

Hello Kitty

I am a big fan of Hello Kitty and Betty Boop. So when my favourite online mag announced that Mac is dedicating a whole new range to Hello kitty, OMG I am so excited and I don't even wear make up unless am going somewhere really special! But I do love eye shadow, mascara, liner and lip gloss and colour (no lipstick for me mh mh!) I want I want


Miss J. is back and I am so glad because I have been missing her like hell (not a nice reference)! I love this womans voice and for the 1st time in a long time I really like what she is wearing. The loose tee and the military influenced jacket with fringes, I love it. What really caught my attention is the sandals, I love those they look great. Statement toe painting... beautiful!

Well Come Back Miss Hudson!