Friday, 29 February 2008

OMG...I love this

I just fell in love with the colours...check it out you might get colour inspiration!! I'm a bit busy but i'll get back to you all FT

Monday, 25 February 2008

London fashion Weekend

Last week was london Fashion weekend, i attended on Saturday
 its your chance to buy some of the products showcased at London fashion week
It was so much fun, I got to buy lots of stuff, i fell in love with Vivien Westwood's bags (not pictured), shoes and ooh my God her suits are cut to perfection!! I did buy really hot orange (not bright, burnt) stilletos at Betty Jackson, I am so happy about that. They also were giving out free ice cream from Skinny Cow, ooh my God you must try, it tastes like heaven (however that is)!! Other than that the catwalk was also on full effect, ofcourse it's not as hot as THE Fashion Week itself
simple classy for work
I so want this

But this is my wild card...enjoy people life's too short!!

Its all about small details

Interior designing is all about detail..from colour to the accessories that complete the look
If you saw BBA (Big Brother Africa) then you'll recognise this..when someone likes a bold colour e.g. red then mix it with another lighter colour the red will still pop but it would calm it
Sometimes simplicity is perfect..what I like here is the table, the cushions and fireplace and just the brightness of the room that makes that simple look standout
wow, this is something
I love plain elegance, complete white 
I fell in love with this table

My favourite of all is this mirror..ooh my God if you know me, you know I love mirrors (I get that from my mamma) I used to spend too much time in front of mirrors when I was younger, now it's wake up rush to work and come back too tired so just a bit

Ladies..African Class

I absolutely fell in love with this designer when I saw her products... Who new African lace can look so young and elegant!! L. Shandi is beautiful and it is all about the finished product and detail
I like the colour mixed with black and the finishing touches of silver shoes and earrings
I see she has adopted the look of the sixties, that elegant sweet girl look with white gloves but what I love the most is the dress and the way she has aligned the detail of the fabric
I like indeed, I do but i'm not agloves fan 
Pure elegance, the combination of silk and lace
You are so gonna turn heads at that wedding or party
Note the colour combination
Same here
Remember I posted this yesterday? Nice hunnh
I love this so much, two tone people

This designer has her eye on detail, that is from the fabric to the finished product, to accesories which is how it is supposed to be

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Interior designing is my second love or maybe it goes hand in hand with my love for fashion. today i thought i'd give you a little bit of this love of mine!! Even your home needs finishing touches, looking good starts with your house then complete with yourself... 
i don't know why i picked these chairs, i just found them interesting as a design
i love my bathroom to have a calm yet welcoming effect..and it has to be extra cleaning cuz i love my bath with candles, and scents
a bit of Africa into your home
This is my favourite, create a rich luxurious feeling..ooh my god i love white, when it comes to towels and bed linen, and toilet paper must be white too...(i hate any other colour when it comes to those...)
low beds, i remember when working with a chinese interior designer...i fell in love with low beds!!(ooh yeah my favourite colour apart from red is orange) hence why this choice is here!!orange and chocolate go so well

This sitting room has so much that i felt like i could pick every piece for myself..what's the most noticeable item to you, that just makes you say I WANT THAT??

African Elegance..coming to you!!

Hey Ladies, I will be putting up beautiful ensembles by African designers soon... just to give you a little bit. This one is made from African Lace... detail to the finished product plus the finishing touches i.e. earrings that makes the outfit even more complete and beautiful

I am in the middle of packing for going back home for good soon after too many years hence the slow update but i'll be back with you all soon.

Friday, 22 February 2008

If I had to throw a baby Shower

If I had to throw a baby shower or if one had to throw a baby shower for me...this is how i'd like the venue to look like

Intimate, close friends only, relaxing, laughter and oooh and coos, this allows for even when it gets dark we can still have fun!! Ain't that cute?

Thursday, 21 February 2008

On Request: Sanaa Lathan

On request from one of you lovely FT visitors, who requested the lovely Sanaa Lathan. Well, I remember reading an interview in one of my favourite online mags and loved her even more so I will share this with you all. She is trendy, she is hamble, she is beautiful, she is Sanaa Lathan...

We absolutely love you, Sanaa! We truly believe you are one of the top fashionistas in entertainment today. How do you stay on top of trends and continue to be fashion-forward? Wow . . . thanks! Well, I love to shop! I love to cruise boutiques and look for original pieces. So, I guess I would credit it to that.

We love to see you, Gabrielle, Essence, and Regina out on the town together. A lot of us live out our Hollywood dreams through you ladies. What’s a typical day like with the girls? Aww . . . I am really fortunate to have such good friends! A typical day with my girls consists of shopping, going to the movies and out to eat, reading scripts together and other regular friend stuff. We are very supportive of each other and always make sure we push each other to do our best.
When you’re not working on projects, what do you do to unwind and relax? I visit family and friends, spend time with my pets, and exercise. One of my favorite ways to unwind is to hike. Yes . . . I love to Hike!
What TV shows do you have to watch or TIVO on a regular basis? I really like Larry King Live, Intervention and Oprah.

So many people feel like they know you because of the roles you have played and your everyday personality. How do you stay so down to earth? Remaining humble and understanding that my job is a privilege and a public service. It’s a great feeling to be doing what you love and get paid for it.

Who are some of your favorite designers—and are you aware of any up-and-coming designers that you love and are waiting for the world to be exposed to? You know, honestly I really don’t wear lots of designer labels. I usually wear most high-end designers when I have an event, but not too much for every day. But, I do love Tracy Reese and Marc Jacobs.

When shopping could we ever spot you in Target, Forever 21, H&M or a vintage shop? (laughs) Oh, yes . . . I love H&M! A lot of my everyday wardrobe consists of pieces from H&M or boutiques.

We’ve noticed that you rock Clutch bags on a regular basis. If you were to let us rumble through your bag, what would we find? Lipgloss! I really love my lipgloss, Trident gum, I.D., money, you know . . . the necessities.
Your skin is always so beautiful and has such a healthy glow. What are some of your beauty staples?I love LeMer Moisturizer for my face. I also use a Vitamin C Facial Wash from the health store. I just always make sure stay moisturized.
So, you know everyone wants to know if you are . . . Happily Single? Attached and loving it? Or are you letting love find you? (laughs) Attached and loving it!

Since you are out on the scene regularly, I know that lots of guys approach you all of the time. What’s the worst pick up line you have ever heard? The best? (laughs) Hey girl got a minute . . . I say no . . . he says I got two I’ll lend you one. And that wasn’t bad—It kinda made me laugh. The best? Well, luckily I haven’t had a pick-up line in a long time.
When a guy approaches you what’s the first thing you notice? It’s so many things—teeth, eyes, if they can speak well, and humor.
What’s the biggest relationship lesson you’ve learned? The biggest relationship lesson I’ve learned is that love is an action not just a feeling.

If you weren’t an actress, what do you think you would be doing right now?

I would be teaching! I really love working with kids. I am always reading and learning new things—so I would be a teacher.

In the movie Something New it states that the statistics for married African American women are pretty low. Why do you think that is?

Unfortunately, a lot of our men are either incarcerated or have other things against them. Black women are going up the corporate ladder much faster and as a result they don’t have the male counterparts that are on their level. And honestly, for our men a lot of it is not their fault.

If you came out with a book on dating what would be the number one tip you would give to women seeking a mate? The number one tip would be “cool as a cucumber”—a relative told me that once. When you like someone, it’s not that big of a deal. When you like a guy and he’s acting up—the cooler, the better it will go. Also, never put your eggs in one basket without the commitment.
What are some suggestions you would give to a young, black female interested in becoming an actress? Get in an acting class immediately and see if it’s something you really like. In this country, people don’t value acting as much as they should. It’s truly an art and needs to be studied like a student would study engineering—those are the best things you could possibly do.
How do you stay motivated to do your work? I love what I do and I feel very happy to be able to make a living doing it! I am always just trying to contain my excitement if anything.
We really miss you on the big screen! Do you have any projects in the works?Yes! I just finished taping the movie version of “A Raisin in the Sun” with Diddy, Phylicia Rashad and I actually got nominated for a Tony award! It will be airing on March 1st on ABC.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

This is what I call Design Innovation - TOJU F.

Hello ladies, I hope you are all well out there. Today, I'm going to share with you this beautiful designs by an upcoming Nigerian designer Toju. To tell you the truth I would love to see one Tanzanian designer who would make me go wow as much as Western African designers do. Ladies feast your eyes on these...


Saturday, 16 February 2008

Style Star: Taraji

Taraji is looking beautiful and elegant in this black dress with a hint of fuschia and those cute sandals that also have a hint of fuschia. Till next week...Keep visiting finishing touches!!

Got your necklace..mmmh

You've got your antique necklace..what to wear with it??

Actually it would go perfectly with you little black dress...have fun ladies!!I am off outside London, I miss my niece too much and need some little Me and Mr time!! Stay blessed....