Monday, 31 August 2009

Getting in tune with my boss lady

The Office

The attire and here we go ladies

Friday, 28 August 2009

ABCD and Me

Right now each of us is confronted with our own personal set of life challenges. With soaring food prices, job losses, and economic uncertainty, the question, "What move do I make next?"

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Simplicity Complexity

Procrastination, procrastion.. tisk tisk tisk! Procrastinating is the beginning of every doubt, and I for now have started procrastinating is doubt creeping into my mind. Is it right? Anyway that very often happens with my getting dressed too. I try this take it off cuz it goes better with that. I think it is all to do with my being a perfectionist in finding the finishing touches.

To my Muslimas above is something for you! Ramadhan Kareem

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

I heart Fashion

I love the way Zoe has partnered her dress with those shoes. And to break up the the pattern of almost looking like your are wearing your grandma's dress, the belt will do! Looking fun and chic

My favourite fashion trendsetter MK has done it again. Voguing it like no other. Love everything.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

ARISE Africa Cape Town Fashion Show

Yes Indeed ladies, it is just about that time for Africa to Arise. Another fashion week more creativity prevailing. I love it!

Saturday, 22 August 2009

In tune with myself

Although I tried to ignore it, the message was clear and concise. “Let go.” I’ve been hanging on to this pain in the pit of my belly for a few months now. I won’t get into the details of it, but suffice it to say that I was hanging on to this heartache because I simply couldn’t process it in order to let it go. I thought things were “this” way, and turns out they were “that” way. Human beings develop attachments to people, places and things – that’s just what we do - and often, this is the cause of much of our suffering.

Despite the specific circumstances which were outside of my control, I created my own unhappiness by holding onto an outdated image. We invest so much into “image”, don’t we? We attach ourselves to the image we are trying to maintain for ourselves and the images that we align ourselves with externally. Even when that All-Knowing inner voice inside of us hints (or screams) that something isn’t right, we cling to the status quo because familiar is a cozy blanket that smells like home. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I like to wrap myself in familiar as much as possible. So, we tend to fight for control of our circumstances by putting blinders on and telling ourselves what we want to hear. This leads to suffering.

So much of what happens in our lives is just simply out of our control. When it comes to relationships, careers, children, you name it, we inevitably attach ourselves to expected behaviors and outcomes. This leads to suffering.

We cling to the past, wishing and hoping that things could go back to the way they used to be. Old ways and situations pass away and new ones are waiting to be born. When we resist this natural cycle, we cause ourselves pain because we are clinging to something that is past its time. More suffering.

This Ramadhan, I have decided to let go and learn to be with myself and learn who I am. This doesn’t mean that I won’t work towards anything. It just means that I won’t base my happiness on a particular outcome. I won’t build my security on the nobleness of another person. I won’t cling to the disillusionment of a broken relationship. I will keep working towards my goals and making changes to improve the quality of my life. Not because I am fixated on a particular outcome, but because I choose to live a life of learning and growing. This leads to peace of mind.

In Tune to the beginning of the Holy Month, I have decided to grace you with ways to dress modesty. So I will try my best to post atleast one post each time dedicated to my sisters. During this month those of us who work find it really hard to know how to dress a little more modesty in honour of the holy month. But at times even after work we are grounded with a black abayah quite stricted you might say. Well how about this:

For those days like today, or even at work you can just put on a heel and work it

But for work, I'd choose this more formal chic look. Make sure the it is a shirt dress for that modest look we are going for!

It's all about the finishing touches to your life not just little things that you think you need.

Sweet tooth in complete desire

I had a great day today, My friend and I went to a build an orphanage fundraising affair. When I see little kids who are orphans my heart falls for them and I wish I could just take them all and give them everything my parents gave me. There was one little girl that just touched my heart, I just wanted her. OOoh God the mummy hormone is kick in! Yeah, I'd love to be a mother I just feel it. I would be a good one no matter how hard or challenging I just know it. Anyway... what captured my attention even more is the fact that every woman who was Muslim who I know would normally be all made up and dressed to impressed was fully covered in hijjab, and fully covered. They looked beautiful, I realized when it comes to the holy month everyone has the respect for it but fashionistas will always be just that. Completely in fashion!
I have a thing for strawberries, fresh and the flavours twirling in your mouth. Sometimes in fashion you might just mix two different styles and they work just perfectly, just like chocolate covered strawberries. Who thought neon colours can all be worn at once? And who thought wearing contrast colours can be classy? It's all relevant when it comes to fashion, you just have to pull it together.
Im looking for that finishing touch to my life and when I find it and it's just perfect ill share it with the world. You know those times when you just know this is the right outfit, the right moment, the right place... well you fall in love!

I like sweetness in my interior, the flowers, smelling right and fresh, fruits sweetening the air. I also love to read and I feel knowledge is a power. A good book, gives you, your own me time and you fall in to your own world. Ladies remember it's all about the finishing touch whether it's the sweetness in your life, the fresh, the flashy, the cool, the calm, whatever it is let your life be complete. Mine... everything I do and surrounds me, I make sure it has just that perfect touch.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Fur and Plaid

I don't like standard beauty - there is no beauty without strangeness.
Karl Lagerfeld

Style is knowing who you are
What you want 
Not giving a Damn!

My shoe fetish

When I wear a great shoe it gives me this satisfaction I can't explain. A shoe can do a lot of things, it can make your legs look longer/shorter, elongate your body, and most of all can make the outfit! It's one of the finishing touches that are essential because even if your outfit is so boring a shoe can give it that extra pow! you get me!

O ye loubs what will i do without you... beautiful!

A bead of art work

I love me cutout boots

I want ankle cut out boots, actually I think I have but I want one more pair! Mh!

Mood lighting

The search for completion aka the finishing touch. 
Did I tell you, I love flowers and I miss the arrangements that have that extra bit heart put into it especially at special occasions or even just because! I remember 2 years ago my x-man used to bring me a flower a day for the whole summer never missed a day. I used to arrange them in a way that made them look as special as the thought itself. 
In Tanzania I would say flower arrangement is still not a passion with these florists here. There's only one style you will get at parties, weddings, and even the special occasions! I'm guessing since I am always looking for that finishing touch, I am never satisfied unless I do it myself or find the perfect one. Decorating a wedding for example, isn't just about flowers, it's about lighting, dinner sets, the chairs and even the mood you create that makes everyone that walks into that room say wow! I love the setting on the above picture... I can just picture a dance floor in the middle and the only thing lighting it is the spot lights and when you and your groom dance all eyes are on you. 

So ladies, today the lesson is setting the mood to anything even your clothing, your room, your special occasion makes it just that little bit more special.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Retro image

Sometimes I like to bring out the rock star in me but I still remain very lady like and less grudge! I have recently seen too many Tshirts that have words and the person wearing it very proudly. I am quite bored of it frankly... something new needs to be done. I am in love with graphical Tees

exactly what I am, transparent complexity

I would pair it with my favourite skinnies

And these gorgeous shoes

Then get into my favourite, I want car and va voom out of here and go around to discover art around town

Going back to my roots

I think the best thing to do is go back to my roots. There's no feeling like being in the home land and dressing like it too!

Paul Herve Makes me feel like I am definitely here.

Lalesso definitely make me feel like im in the coastal beaches where I was born

Cute as it is


Ok. So here I am. I was a maid of honor at a kitchen party in December and this attire quite intrigued me. It looks like it is tailored but all it is is two piece of a fabric wrapped very nicely and a few stitches and when the function is done you simply cut the invisible threads out and you have a fabric for you to tailor however you want. I liked this style, the bride actually had a long tail as opposed to my short stylish tail! What's your unique style, send it to me on 

Same difference

When I saw this Dawn Okoro painting I just had to share it. It describes exactly how I feel right now, with a heavy heart that's all over the place yet still can manage to look just presentable. I've cut my hair that short and same style too after having it longer than shoulder length for almost all my life. You see after a long time of working hard on something I truly loved, I realized letting it go is the best thing. I tried so hard to even turn to the likes not the love. I say love is just an emotion created by the mind. I opened up to someone, you know those times you just need a shoulder to cry on and there's just one person that's always been a 'what if'. Yeah well in the most vulnerable times that is when you will be taken advantage of the most. And this is what I learned the most, It's not such a bad idea to concentrate on you and just be with yourself until you are ready to really let the best come in to your life. I decided since then, I am going to use the whole of the holy month to learn to be with me.

So ladies, even in fashion if you've always gotten your inspiration from someone and that person is no longer around. Instead of trying to find someone else immediately to inspire your style which can go terribly wrong just learn to find your own style. Wake up in the morning and ask yourself, How do I feel today? Then think about what is in your wardrobe that will fit that mood. Just make sure whatever it is even if you wake up feeling like never waking up again use your clothing to brighten your day. You never know you might wear something that as soon as you open the door someone will say, 'wow, you look nice.' Believe that will lift something inside and you'll feel better.

Find the person within, but brightening the feeling within can be helped by the finishing touches in the outside! If you know what I mean.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Sequin it simple

Ciara shows you how to make an outfit that could potentially shout out and hurt our eyes look effortlessly chic! Sequins make an outfir what it is pairing it with simple accessories and bottoms makes your outfit speak for itself. 

FT's pick

This week, It's just so casual that I can feel it all through my body. So here is the pick for today however boots are not for those in hot countries please keep away from torturing yourselves. LOL! Nice sandals would do for this very casual yet chic look..

Stubborn ways...

See sometimes we are too stubborn when we are faced with a reality that we don't quite like. See I have had this feeling for so long and everytime it hits me back with a bang. I fall, I get up but I go right where I started just cuz that's what you want. The stubborn side of me always wants and tries to get it her way but this time it's painfully awakening that just maybe one has to accept what she is getting and move on. Or even find the beauty in it.

In fashion, we take risks and I know yesterday I said I felt a loneliness that only the streets of London can fulfill. But guess what, I have to deal with what I get and find the beauty in what I have right here. Even bring some of that magical feeling here so I can share with you all...

Monday, 17 August 2009

Jumpsuits and studds

I have a thing for classic white jumpsuits with huge gold earrings and gold heels. But then I gain I have the colourful bright side, how about a tie and die romper If you've got the legs for it why not. I have another love however this louboutin studded clutch, funky chic is what I call it. Ladis if you gonna follow trends follow in style and make it look like its really yours rather than a copy cat and you are in there some where.

till next time.



Craving for Uniqueness

Sometimes we loose site of where we are and so the road to the future becomes a hill. For me whenever I loose site of where I am, I look at where I have been. I looked at the beginning of my blog to present and I felt a ping of loss. 
Why you ask because, of inspiration! I feel at loss with the things that inspired me, the walks to my favourite boutiques, visiting fashion shows, just looking at the street fashion in London. It was my inspiration, I have been trying to find it here and recently I have seen a growth in trend followers not yet makers. The people with unique fashion is what I crave, you can walk and you'll see the classy, the funky, the crazy, the oh my God what was she thinking. Do you know what I'm saying?
FT provides tools for you to complete your look not to guide your trend... no no that's not me. I like individuality not copy cats. As I find myself longing for that extra, I decided mmh so why not bring the unique to you. So, soon FT clothing will be available for sell and you can create your own individuality! veeeeeeeeeery soon in fact!
Rememember, I said I was working on something. well sorry I'm a perfectionist until something is perfect it will not be shared. And so now, the final bows are being tied and the unwrapping will be with you soon.
My crave for the sweetness in the unique... right now I am craving a velvet cake! Where to get where to get? It's like FT, the icing on the cake... the perfect touch needed to finish that perfect look! Mmmh

Tomorrows pick hoping it will be a better day

In hope for a better day, tomorrows pick is as you see!

Saturday, 15 August 2009

FT's pick

Hi all have fun, I know I will! This is my pick this week.
Black High Heeled Gladiators will do

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

My Love for Jewellery

I don't think i've ever expressed my love for jewellery that have that extra bit mmmh! I design my own but Anu is what I call an exquisite collection. Ladies here I present to you the fabulous Anu jewellery. I totally would:

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

A craving for fashion

If fashion was food I would eat with the best of them. Now I am not a shopaholic (so I think!) but whenever I pass something that catches more than the corner of my eyes then I want it. I am a total fan of uniqueness in fashion the more daringly chic and lady like the more intriguing it is to me.
The one shoulder raffled blouse to me is both sexy and uniquely chic yet it still remains lady like classy which is what I stand for.
Now shoes are on another level for me, the more weird the more I want it especially if it makes my foot look that little bit mh.. wow! You know what I mean don't pretend! I am very daring when it comes to shoes and not afraid but I look for comfort too! I have found myself wearing high heels a lot this year and I must tell you there's good shoes that can just be as comfortable just find that right one. I love this shoe

But not as much as Solanges half boot hald sandal shoe... this girl is on another level and I applaud for her beautiful measurable risks.

FT's note: Be daring but stay classy!

till next time,
love FT!