Sunday, 29 July 2007

Be Back

Hi everyone....Thank you for visiting Finishing Touches. I am away for about a week due to being sick so I need some pampering and relaxation. I will be back soon, as I have seen I have new requests from people who want to see their favourites and some with advices. So Keep bringing the suggestions and any request is welcome...I will do it as unique as possible in my own creative ways. Keep visiting and thank you for all your support..

Yours trully

Finishing Touches!!

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Western meets Africa

Ok so today, I've got mama africa all over me!!I've been browsing and most of the people in my country do not embrace their African culture. I am proud of the way Western Africans embrace their culture and by this I mean they take western fashion and use their own fabrics to create clothes to shoes to bags and to tell you the truth, it looks beautiful. My passion and goal is to open my own boutique, it will be funky, have style and embrace my culture in a totally different way than people are used to....but till then I can keep praying!!I can do textiles but I seem to have no time here in London, and getting a tailor is too expensive so when I go back to Tanzania I take all my best buys and our family tailor makes it and you'll never know and the good thing is you'll never find it anywhere else because my tailor doesn't work for anyone else but us ok my mum. Anyway here are some beautiful creations that I found!!
Omototola (Actress), has decided she likes the now trendy long and flowy dresses but she used African Fabric to make it and she looks beautiful!!
Another young and beautiful creation
When I wear skirts, I love for them to be long and flowy and this is beautiful
Why not use african lasce to create this beautiful attire

Yes, Made by using African Lace
West plus Africa come together
This is soo cute and I can definitely see myself in it
And why not accessorise your western dress with a finishing touch from home, She looks beautiful. I wish I could do those head wraps as beautifully, I really like that look!!
Beautiful maiden

You can make tops to go with your jeans
Yes, clutches can be made fromAfrican clothing and many more
Ohh woww I want this shoe, these are the kind of things you'll see at my shop
Nice with skinny jeans
I would, would you??

Ok so if you don't want the whole fabric why not accessorise
A beach bag is a nice touch in African Fabric
An Idea, why not take these cute summer dresses and make them using african'd look equally as cute!!
Have a lovely weekend my Princes and Princesses...don't ever forget to keep visit finishing touches!!

Men or Men

I love a man with his own sense of style, be it unique yet still looking handsome. These men i can definitely say the get my number 1 vote!!

You can put him anything yet he would look nice, i like his comfortable style and he looks fiiiiiiiine in a suit!!

His name maybe Common but brotha ain't common at don't get many like this!!i love his style and he is just handsome, the brotha ca spit words that touch your heart and with him around hiphop will never be dead!!

i told you he was fine...

Will will will...what can i say bout you since you stopped shooting fresh prince of bel air your style has gone up...and i am loving that suit!!here is a man who knows how to look good and have a good looking family to go with!!

The pimp himself, have y'all noticed almost all his movies he is a pimp or pimp looking...i love his walk he just swagger is just...ok was supposed to talk about style welll you see it he is a man of style!!

Friday, 20 July 2007

Why Thick Madames??

Ok, so I received a question from someone who would like to know why I call plus sized women thick madames. I always thought the better word is plus sized but I was watching Phat Girlz with Monique the plus sized actress who wrote the book 'skinny bitches are evil,' It was about an insecure plus sized woman who never thought she could get anywhere in life with her size till she met this handsome man whom she almost pushed away because she never believed anyone that handsome could love her. The handsome man explained to her that in Nigeria, thick women are seen as more beautiful or wealthier which I am sure people in Africa know this. And these women are referred to as 'Thick Madames' which refers to a beautiful, satisfied, wealthy, plus sized woman in Nigeria. This really intrigued me and that's where thick madames came from.

Big and Beautiful

I was looking around and found these really nice for my thick Madames
The queen is looking divalicious in these shorts, check out those shoes
I love raven and she is showing you how to work that body
Jordan Sparks is a cute little madame, she is tall, thick and cute and she is working that dress
Looking very beautiful in purple that's my favourite thick madame
Ok, so I noticed I put holiday clothing for other sizes but not my plus sized beauties so I found this article by essence magazine which shows you which swimming costume works best with your plus sized figure. These are for those with an hour glass figure

And for those with a thick waist, why not do it like the way where ever you are bigger do a darker colour, for example if you want to wear colour mixing colours is the best method, if you ae small from waist up and big from waist down do a brighter colour ontop with darker coloured bottom ad vice versa. Those type of swimming costumes are available in most stores these days. So have fun this season!!
P.S. Click on images to read article!!

I'm liking these this summer

So this so called summer (it's raining and cold in London), I love these looks so much

Laura Prepon is working a plaid dress which is the latest fashion but I definitely prefer plaid shorts

These are just so cute, there's an ongoing golf fashion going on

So, I have been seeing LiLo working these really cute leather jackets and thought, hey those are cute, since the weather in London allows them why not

This is classic, rock/biker chic

Different ways of wearing your leather jacket, I work the first one just cuz I am so old hollywood

Miss Fashion Icon number two SJParker is looking beautiful

I love the way Cameron embraces her long legs, I love the dress and the shoes, not beginning with the bag. You don't always have to be matchy matchy...this is a classic mix of black, white and red which work perfectly

Halle Berry's white summer, she has gone low key but looking cute. It's good for pregnant women too (not insinuating she is pregnant by the way)

Thanks to hip Candy, I found Nicole in this cute little white dress which I'd definitely do this if only the sun came out..

So last year me and my lil' sis decided to start wearing scarfs on our necks and I dont mean winter scarves I mean neck scarves as shown by Nicole above. We found them fun, only to find that they would become this years latest!!
Why not try to put together this look this summer thrown together by my favourite stylist (s of ilhs)
I love skinny jeans
work it with these hills, which I have to confess I can't wear and I'm not a high heel fan but love shoes
Or maybe you want to work your petit frame in this
Partnered with this and not with those shoes

But either these
Or just be funky like me and work these which are so different you'll get everyone wanting them..I love to be different that's just me. The hills on these shoes are perfect for me too...
With these skinny jeans looks you can work your neck scarf with too...and don't forget sunglasses to complete the look and a cute tote bag!!Have fun

Thursday, 19 July 2007

My small is wedding ideas

Hi everyone, so I got a request from someone who wants to know what should short or petit people as I would call wear for their wedding as well as what kind of hair would suit them. So here it goes...
So you see a beautiful combination but isn't it looking a bit short...well most of us brides love to be princesses on our day but we have to remember that some dresses aren't meant for you...this dress in my opinion makes the woman look very short as well as makes her legs look even shorter, no matter how beautiful she looks. So I wouldn't advice these puffy bottom looks or any tull looking dresses.
I think straight looks suit shorter/petit people because it makes your legs look longer and with an up do it makes your neck look longer too
I love this flowy number, it would suit one with a pear shape and one who wants to enhance their shape. Again with the straightness but flowy look of the dress it would make you seem taller and beautiful especially if your groom is tall.
This is nice but again dont wear it if you are too short as you would look like those little people ontop of a wedding cake. Why I picked it you ask because of the top of the dress and the hair style.
This one is perfect for all of you petit beauties fro head to toe
Another perfect dress is this ivory number which can still make you look like a princess. One thing is, some of us do not want to wear strapless dresses so most of these dresses can be tailored with straps or halterneck. what I love about this dress is the high waist, it would make you look slimmer, taller and stylish all at the same time.
Simple yet sexy, perfect that's all I can say

If you have long hair I wouldn't advice you to leave it down, as that would make your neck look updo is better for my petit madames, This is a nice hair style afro and cocassian hair.
Another beautiful wedding hair style idea
So what if you have short hair like nia, well not to worry, this hair style would suit all brides especially petit brides and you can see how it makes her look taller and beautiful. All you have to add is a tiara or a veil or both and you would be looking dazzling.
Do feel free to request any ideas for anything and I will try my best to help. Just remember however you wear it make sure you are the bell of the ball on the day!!