Friday, 31 August 2007

quote of the day

"When you're free from the idea of doership then something else within you emerges. It is yourself." ~Phylicia Rashad

Miss Lauren Conrad aka LC

Ok, i'm guilty of being hooked on the hills. seriously. My favourite is Lauren who is a hard worker, studies hard, has her own fashion line coming out, collection of jewellery as well as she is an intern at teen vogue. She really is a stylish young lady and today I'm inspire by her..

Today's picks

metalic is back

Oooh I'm in love

cute as it is

tie neck people..get it

I'm in love with this tori nichel shorts suit

Chocolate fantansy

my little black dress

All you need is love

Angelina working that carolina herrera dress

old age becomes new age, bringing anita loos alive

bustier dress perfet with these earrings

I love this chiffon wing dress that just flows

Dresses for different body shapes

Applw shaped (chiffons are good)

inverted triangle shaped

hour glass shaped
Halter necks emphasise the shape

Pear shaped ladies (small on top round on bottom)
Chiffons are perfect coz they flow with you body and halter necks are also good for your body

Rectangular or boyish shaped

Dresses that cut to the upper waiste give you a shape

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

My picks...

These are just picks that I absolutely love...and wanted to share with you all

wide legs are in girls..for my petit girls these are good as they make you look taller with long legs, as for my tall medium sized beauties these are also perfect...I don't think these are good for my plus sized ladies but if I see one that looks perfect I will get back to you.

I love these tweed ones

Going out can be so hard sometimes so here are some picks, I love te mixture of blue, black, white and silver in this

The shoes highlight everything

Lovely plaid and finishing touches that are just perfect...voluptous ladies this is perfect but also for medium sized ladies or petit

Nice mixture of colours...for those who are in hot countries please don't wear the boots it really make me angry that you really think beauty is pain...iiiggghh...I think fashion is about what makes you feel good from the inside and what makes others say woww I want that. so if you are in a hot country please wear the new nude pumps or even silver sandals will do

I love, I love, I love this...I'm not boots fan due to having thin ankles so I'd probably do something with a bit of gold to accentuate the rest of the accessories but not over work the dress. Black Sandals will work too.

Love, love, love, I have yet to wear these short shorts but I love it when tall thin girls wear them because they are just perfect, I absolutely hate them on voluptous ladies because they just show too much but remember shorts come in varieties of sizes so you can wear a longer version that will make you look beautiful.

Hot, hot, hot

Ciara's body is perfect for this Rocawear dress, i'm working on it

I love interiors and these african inspirations are perfect.
Till next time....stay on top of style, be wise and make sure your beauty comes from the inside...a guarantee for happiness!!

My hot plus sized ladies...fall is arriving!!

This is for my plus sized beauties, looks for this fall. Have fun in style...

Style needn't be just for is for everyone who can carry it with grace, modesty, and love.