Saturday, 30 June 2007

Randomness beauties

These are just random favourites...

I love Ri Ri's new hair cut it suits her age and her style

Work those pumps ladies

Pleated dresses heaven...I would do Halle's

Oooh...Red Ooooh Red my love...I love red and drew looks hot

Fabulous whiteys

Hayden in Yellow..I must say that's cute and i'm loving the bag

Miss Bling..the fashion icon herself showing you how it's done

Not a fan of LL but I love that dress

Casual, cute

Beauty with a Purpose

Hey Y'all so today I'm gonna take y'all to my Country Tanzania. You all know once in a while I get to celebrate someone. Today, I have this beauty from Tanzania named Kylinn. I have been looking for someone who represents beauty with a purpose for so long and I think I keep going back to this lady right here. Born Jacqueline Ntuyabaliwe, she is a singer, a model and woman with a purpose to make the difference in the world. So you all know that's my kinda thing cuz I work to get computers to the developing countries as well as do charity for disabled people and many. In 2000 she joined the Miss Tanzania Beauty pageant in which she won the title and represented Tanzania in the Miss World contest. She then dedicated the whole year during her reign as a beauty queen to charity work in Tanzania which she has not stopped ever since. In 2003, she decided to record her solo album and she has been successful ever since. So you ask why choose klyinn, well to tell you the truth she is always on point with style in comparison to the other choices...and you know this blog is all about beauty and fashion. So here she goes....


Sleek Diva

This is Klyinn looking smashing in her curly afro with one of very successful TV presenters in Tanzania, whom I went to school with and her sister is my friend but anyway this is another beauty with a purpose which I will get back to another day. She is very natural and knows what she wants in life.

Klyinn with orphans and looking her best

Klyinn performing in Tanzania, looking very flashy

All pictures thank you to klyinn's website while i'm still awaiting some more pics from the lady herself.

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Lets go out on dates in style...

Girls you know how sometimes you think you just got that perfect man and you are gonna spend the rest of your life with him well slow down it's only the 1st date...dammmmn.anyways here are ideas for what to wear on your 1st second and third date.

1st date, i was thinking this simple yet sassy look, not to create a bad impression (you know what i mean) but you want to portray your personality so dont have over the top dressing. he will think you are what you are not!!
second date, he decides to take you to the park or the beach for a lil' picnic so why not look like a sweet little butterfly
third date, you know its becoming interesting just a little upgrade will do!

And once you've had your man for soo long why not have that freakum dress on like this, to spice up your life and remind him that you are still as sexy as the first time he saw you!!
and for my plus sized ladies....all the above come in all sizes and would make you look fabulous but here is a little freakum dress for you!!!

Stunnas and large beret

Ok my ladies dont forget to carry your shades this summer...i know i wont!!Also popular this sumer are berets as seen on eve below, i love that funky look!!
miss kerry is looking good
y'all already know how much i love kelly and my girl is looking fantabulous in those shades
EVE how you do that....she looks stunning with the big curls on her hair and those stunnas!!i need those!
i love dancing and this girl can do her thing with that...i love her simple looks and those shades do suit her face.
oooh ms saldana you are looking ,mighty fine and classy in those
my funky chicca kelis you know she would do it different, i love this girl's style
i love this large its not an excuse to not do your hair
miss eve is showing you how it's done!!

Friday, 22 June 2007

Girls lets go to work

Ok. beauties have u ever wondered sometimes why you are always stuck wearing a shirt and trousers over and over again at work or a complete suit well...those aren't the only thing that you can work with!!
That director look...if you've seen wilhemina (vanessa william) in ugly betty you'll know what i'm talking about
very nice if you work at a magazine, fashion, Pr , advertising or even own your own company
office classic
wear it with the bag, do make sure u dont go see through to work please
it can carry all you need plus extras and make you look stylish
yes, work can be casual cools down the seriousness of suits but you still have to do your work seriously.
be comfortable, you don't want to end up with corn on your feet
classy simple, pair it with the bag below
i want this bag...i'm a bag a holic
you can wear a suit but why be boring in shits when you can remix it with your nice top like this...
i love the high collar shirts, and girls who said skirts and trousers are the only thing at work, unless it's your boss that is!!..these gauchos look so nice!!
i know, i know i already have this up but come on wear this at work and i guarantee, you will get the deal, the job, the classy look plus i love ms. kelly
Without forgeting my plus sized can be fashion yet formal
yes, big gals can look good at work too

like i said suits, skirts and trousers aren't the only thing that can make you look formal at work. bit of advice you might want to wear dark colours as black slims you and shows off the right curves

she does own her own fashion company so why blame her

yes yes....i am not so much a fan of the high waisted, big belts but heey if you like you wear

yes, my voluptous divas why not
i love this shirt dress
trench coat dress, shows that professionalism

Go and get a lil' sumn' sumn'

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The saloon is unisex, and it has been known to be compared to one of the best saloons in the world Toni and Guy by foreign visitors. So go get you quality!!

Thursday, 21 June 2007


To my viewers, I'd like to thank you for your support and I appreciate you visiting my blog and whoever has suggestions or anything they would like to see feel free. Anyway...Today I am not feeling to well so I came out of work early but hey I am going to cheer myself up with making my bloggees happy!!Today, I thought let I love accessories be it a bag, shoes, earings or bangles...I'm not so much of a necklace person but I'll give you a little somethin something....So here it goes

I love Charm know you can sometimes personalise your bracelet by choosing what should be in it but this is my favourite one. It represents the beach coz I'm from the coastal side of Tanzania, Love...well we all need that, a flower cuz I love flowers especially dark red roses with a hint of white, opal because I am a libra and thats our stone....pearls because I am an old fashioned classic girl, crystal because I love to make myself clear and the rest represent my love for fashion, design and beautiful things.

you can wear it with simple jeans and tshirt or finish a nice evening dress with this however you wear it make sure it looks good.

ooooh...they are to die for....well i can visualize a black strapless or black dress with thin straps.Can you?good good

this cavalli clutch is just gorgeous make sure you don't clash it with too many colours because it will shin up ur simple but sexy look!!

summer is here so why not, if chanel keeps making beautiful glasses like this

Chain Drop earrings...woooh girl dont get me started

when i do wear a necklace it has to be simple or one that would just help pump up my look. this is my favourite althought for me the smaller the better!!

Gold hoop earrings...dont you just wish u could get them off the screen...classy never trashy

Gold sun earrings...simple but can look absolutely fabulous if worn right...i'll show you someday!!

This is an African red bracelete i love it love it