Thursday, 17 February 2011

Aaaah VLISCO... This is class

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Rock the Turban

Hair Styles

I am currently finding my way into my next style. A drastic change or a subtle change but I am thinking maybe:
I can do curls, My sister got the most beautiful of curly hair so I will try get them from her or when I travel

I love this but is there a way of doing the dreads without cutting your hair or going completely natural? Either way, I love this

The next option I think is just this one which I haven't since i was in high school (damn the hairstyles I used to do then, I did bangs like le'toya when she was in destiny's child, then Janet Jackson when she had the red curls, OOoh yeah I had the Patra look ala Solange right now long as such, Then I cut my hair like Kelly Rowland short, in the end I missed my loooong hair) 

So, what's next?

At Last... I know exactly what of this Year : )

So I finally found a soft copy of my henna picture. I loved this outfit made by a very talented lady who has now moved to Oman unfortunately. This day was just magical and lots of dancing and was so tired and had to stay up to apply henna the whole night but so worth it!
Me getting ready for my henna day... 

Being the Best Wife I Can
Well you know I was married last year to my life partner. Being at the beginning of this adventure together, now is the time to establish ways to become the best wife and life partner that I can be! I'm certainly no expert on the matter of marriage but I do know that life will be full of ups & downs. I also know that having my life anchored in good values will make any challenge bearable! In any relationship, being able to forgive and accept of the other's faults will make any relationship successful.

Never Stop Learning
The learning doesn't stop at a university and after obtaining three degrees, I still yearn for more! I so admire those people who know a little bit about everything! I'm not going to limit myself to what amazing knowledge the world has to offer. I've decided to always have a hobby I'm loving, a book I'm reading, and a place I am visiting. Like hubby and I have decided on taking on road trips every weekend and we've learned a lot from our last road trip so cant wait for this weekend.

New Confidence 
Everyone has their insecurities for whatever reason. Recently I've realized that I've missed out on so many opportunities, adventures, friendships, and accomplishments because of fear or worrying what others might think! Really, it's so not worth giving up so much because of silly thoughts! Getting out of your "comfort zone" is no easy task but one that will open a million new doors. This will be different for every person. For me it may be: starting a conversation with a stranger, being myself around people I don't know, telling the joke anyways, knowing that everyone makes mistakes, and sticking up for what I believe.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Be my Valentine... : )

P.S. It's love at first site!

A journey soon to arrive...

Finishing Touches for every woman, obvious as they maybe, some do not need to be overly blinged to look fabulous. I love this fusion, its fantastic!

striving for perfection

In striving for perfection depending on others will let you down,
In striving for perfection build yourself and surround yourself with excellence,
In striving for perfection do not compromise on having the best at whatever cost,
I am striving for excellence, I am perfection with God behind, to the side to the back,
I strive for Perfection.

In striving for perfection leave room for mistakes but learn from them,
In striving for perfection remember only God is perfect but there's a perfect in being imperfect,
I am perfection, I will be perfection as I strive for perfection.

Thursday, 3 February 2011