Thursday, 28 May 2009

Seek to fulfill

If I were asked which of the African designers I prefer and adore, I'd say SIKA, even though the designer is based in London so is her shop. The Ghanaian beautiful sister who has been embracing her culture by using african fabrics to show off her design skills. He designs are spectacular and so ready to wear, so worth the cost. Her choices in fabrics, colours and what I call the finishing touches to an outfit (accessories) is over the moon.
This is my favourite, the design, the cut, the combination in fabric and accessories and ofcourse... the models overall look is the finishing touch
Check out the arrangement of fabric design in this dress... beautiful almost reminds me of one checked dress Amerie was wearing mmh... maybe that's where she got her inspiration from! Whatever, however, I love it!
So love this skirt, I have one this style so many times now... and I am inspired to make a skirt like this inspired by Africa. Thinking about it that will be so cool, can't wait!
Minis for those with long beautiful legs
Love it... What makes this dress so beautiful is the Bow... I am thinking if you take an African printed fabric and make the bow out of it and leave the dress black.... wow! 
Would totally wear, an African inspired belt... an infusion of trends, that's what I see here. It all works beautifully

The drama must exist... There should always be drama when it comes to designing! I love this!

which one do you love or like?

Beyonce... The Model Chic

I was browsing around and found these lovely pics of bey as a model chic and she is totally swagging it in my opinion!
love the suit
love those shoes... i see Sasha firce was bout to pop out
futuristic intuition

my favourite from head to toe... sometimes you gotta let the clothes do the talking

Model Muse

Whenever I go to fashion shows or watch them on TV, I always spot the best models and they become my muse. In the international level I am totally loving these two
Chanel, is young, beautiful and talented... she is representing!
However, I am really really loving Arlenis, she beautiful and has amazing skin, her walk , her photos, her modeling basically is of the hook.

Her skin glows and makes the outift exquisite 

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Taking it to the streets

Streets is part of me... I love it till the end!  It's inspiring and it allows creativity at all times from head to toe. No trend is followed, it's all so eclectic yet at the end it all comes together perfectly!
The queen of street... Ms Moss
You can be free with it
mh... how about that

Pure street, I love those boots

Culture Infusion

I am telling you ladies, the african fabric is getting so popular everybody wants to use it in their own style. I love it. So when I found these beautiful creations of Chinese outfits made using African fabrics I was like woooh...

It's all possible really!

As I always say, anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Beauty should never be compromised

One of my favourites shops to pass by when i'm in london is Never too Busy to Be Beautiful, just the name makes my heart sink in mmmh...
Celebrities are never too busy to be beautiful so when I saw Queen's outfit I was left in a twist of thoughts, not sure if a jumpsuit is for her but some home she looks alright maybe it might just be her flawless make up and hair
Always beautiful indeed

Kerry is never too far from my top list of women who always look demure, never seeing her looking a little less of glamourous. As she demonstrates on the pic, she is never too busy to be beautiful indeed... a lovely dress, elegance is her manner

Big Gals got it too

Pretty, seen in celebrities like Taraji H
For those no. 8 type of figures
Flattering pink
Show em' what you got in class
Just a little finishing touch for you all
Beautiful, cocktail dress

For those red carpet divas

Monday, 25 May 2009

wooo woooh

I am sorry, I just had to put this up the chic went from Michael Jackson to woody pecker! But you know what only she can work, it wouldn't suit everyone...
Aaaah wait one second.................................wooooosh!

I am not feeling what she is wearing she is such a cute girl and I'm all for taking risks but that's just a Nay!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Interior decorations

I love decorating offices... so when I saw these my heart was taken and I fell and so want my own office

Do any of you have your own home offices? make it you... send me pics

Thick intentions... Beautiful