Sunday, 11 May 2008

I like...

Sheer dresses with frills and pleats make me feel girly and sexy...and that colour is lovely too

I love full skirts with t-shits, they look cute for summer

These are absolute must haves, The Bow makes the shirt look just that elegant. Got mine, have you?

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Date your style...

When it comes to special dates I love dresses!!

This is cute and not too much..and for those with big busts then it flaws well too

This is my favourite as it flows with your body and makes the person remember you for a while

Hey ladies don't be afraid to be adventurous...This jumpsuit is lovely and so are those shoes..together they make a happy family and memorable evening!!

Absolute Must Haves

Loving those glasses and the whole outfit Eva...Hey girls..A must have is:

White trousers or's in and works well with the weather

Jumpsuits with Flow...I love this so much, with the one shoulder effect, perfect

What else is so in, Longvests My dears...They are elegant yet creatively stylish

Just like SJP is showing you..ooh I want one!! Love the shoes too