Thursday, 31 July 2008

Sweet Sexy

Continuing with My Angel lilttle fashionistas with love
School girl funk
Sexy chic
The other Angel...Brilliat expression of fashion
beautiful...Afrique by C.Minou

P.S. Take over fashion and make it your own just like my little Angels have

Total Fashionista - Featuring My Angels

Ladies and Gentlemen (if any), today i have decided to go a lil' different and feature the lil' ones in my life...aka my little fashionistas!! They'll share with us how they pair clothes and accessories a like
Total Vogue
Stylish Chica
Funk punk
Awkward Chic

Colours and just that finishing cherrie

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Shorts for the plus sized

For my viewer who requested shorts for plus size ladies. I would trully advice shorts that are a bit longer a la Queen latifah above with your cute should be good to go!!

A view like no other

Today, it's a purple invasion

Monday, 28 July 2008

Shine on Leggies...shine

Shorts seem to be making an appearance...ladies!!One thing though, if you ain't got the legs for it..just don't wearing just because it's the latest trend...
Aah sexy..I love the hem of the shorts it gives it the less hoochie look
Simple, sexy and sweet

They come and all the colours you want just don't go cellulite on us for fashion!!look classy Fashionista...not trashy

Friday, 25 July 2008

An apple a day...they say...cont.

Continuing with My wedding its blue and cream!!
Just a breath of fresh air...

Variety of essence

We all have our on styles that we feel comfortable with...which one are you
I love JHud's makes her look slimmer
Sol-Angel is becoming a lady of her own..not one to be a follower..I must say I love the contrasts
Estelle is shinning in the US and in this she is embracing her African nature

I love Agyness's style its hot...I just can't discribe how much I love her sense of freedom in her style!! Remember what I always say, your style depicts your personality and how you feel..

Thursday, 24 July 2008

An Apple a day...they say...

A wedding for me is the beginning of the second half of your life!! I believe every beginning can be hard yet get to learn about your other half and they get to learn about you and together you try to make ONE!!Just the same wedding parties can be a headache, a laugh, fun, yet stressful...I love event management!!I will be putting up different ideas in different days for weddings...whether colours , ideas flowers, and the little accents that a lot of people forget!!Finishing touches complete the whole look so today...I give you as innocent as an angel

TEES it for me

I love T-shirts...cuz you can wear them with anything really..but what I love is how you can make simple look sexy with your jeans and sexy heels, hot bag and you are simple yet classy!!This is so it for me...
The pride
The confident
The history

The complete package

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

love the dress

Love Ashanti's dress..and the way she has accented the shoes...perrrrfect

Friday, 18 July 2008

Weekend session

Fashion is a part of my blood and I am bleeding fashion!!
I absolutely love this skirt and the dress is magnificent...the skirt you can wear with a white or black vest and you stilleto/pumps and your lil' clutch, you are so good to go. The dress if worn with the right shoes and bag you will look radiant avoid look looking blunt with pairing it with black heels and clutch bag...go all out in colour..maybe the clutch can have a NICE black ribbon...

All available at Topshop girls...I absolutely love some of these...the skirts are something...I could just see mysel..looking radiant..can you? Have a lovely weekend ladies and let your style represent your personality...mine says vibrant, what does yours say?

Thursday, 17 July 2008

The ladies with Rompers

So i'm told rompers are ti for me umm..I'm still debating on that!!
Rihanna is doing it tall
But I love how it looks on ti for me mmh I'm still debating

I love C.Minou

If you've been keeping up with FT, You would know I love modern Africa and that I mean in Fashion. Right now and probably always I have been loving C.Minou...stylish modernity with African infusion

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Right now...I looove

One Shoulder dresses are so it with the latest fashion of frills and flaps
As my girl tia is showing you...
Omg i love K.Cole's hairstyle..I am not brave enough to cut my hair right now but if I do...I am loving this right here

lady in the 80s...aaah

I love to dress...there are days like today. I feel like being a lady and some days like tomorrow i feel like embracing the 80s hip hop fashion. Hey...I am eclectic but I love having my own style that says wow
Classy lady all the way

I saw want to dress like this tomorrow...hey i'm in advertising I can dress however I want as long as my creative mind works brilliantly

Bag my life

Did I tell you, I looooooove Bags!!If you've seen me or know me, you would know!!Bags make an outfit...and the next thing that makes the bag perfect is your wallet. Girls, mmh mmh no way do I want to see you with a funky old wallet and you looking so proud to be taking it out of your bag!!Keep it in there, it ruins your stye hunny! Anyway Bag to Bags: Here are my favourites at the moment...
D&G doing it big...
Clutch time..for D&G

Like your shoes, your bag says a lot about you...

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

I love me some this...

I love these long dresses..but the real reason I put this up is to let you know...girls, Flower Power...Wake up and smell the freshness...this summer it's all about flower prints

i love these earrings...they are just that unique...

Colour me Crazy

Continuing with my Jeans post..Ladies I've got a secret..."coloured jeans are in." Yeah really...and they are cute!My lil' sis was wearing a purple one the other day and I was loving it...Have fun girls
all these colours and more

The beautiful Jada is showing you how it's done

Monday, 14 July 2008

The essence of Jeans

I know, i've been extra quiet and my lil' sis well she is here on holiday so until September you wont be getting her eclectic simplistic style. Girls, I have jeans for every body size..just check these perfect jean trousers tailored for your body. You must know what suits your body otherwise you'll always look wrong no matter how beautiful the outfit might be...
For my tall and slim ladies well..its all about the slim
wide waist is your problem here is how to look fab with it
I love me this wide legged...Oooh i love it
Aaah..if you are on the plus size, girl don't try too hard with the straight legged, and fitted jeans..mmh mmh you are a flared girl
My curvy cousin would look perfect in this...
My petit best friend is loving me right now
If you have long legs girl the high waisted is totally you

For those with hips and bust..aah girl I see you in this