Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Your Pic My Pic...

Hey you all..I know it's been a long time but you'' have to forgive me as a lot has been happening here. I miss my style inspiration in London...a lot!!One of you asked for what to wear on a date, are you in a hot country or cold country?? Please let me know asap if th eday is not past!!Anyway here are my picks for this week...!!

I absolutely love this...ooh my skirt!!!

Casual is so nice in the sun

Sassy classy lady in Paris...

Paula is so sweet in this

But ofcourse if you are up for a day out round town or to the beach this is my pic..what are you up to this May Day!!

Monday, 14 April 2008

Baggy Shorts people...

What's the trend..well I hear baggy shorts are in...well I got mine I dunno bout you...So here is pick for the day

Trend alert

hey ladies...just some trend alerts for you all...

I love African bangels..

High heels ladies...gladiator heels re all on top

prints..ooh my god I love prints...

I miss Shopping in London already...

Friday, 11 April 2008

Spring with style

What's good people!! Life is good, life is sweet and my style stays in what's new

Well, It's all about High waisted straight trousers or Highwaisted Baggy trousers (no more Highwaisted skinny). I love my Trousers with a Tee or a vest..simplicity is my game

Spring comes with colour...multi coloured heels which I so got before I left...Whatever you do use colours wisely don't over match your outfit..compliment colours rather than match. And the multicoloured trainers/sneakers and totebag are for my young ones aka my lil'sis!!