Friday, 30 March 2012

Weekend->> Look

I love this look on Beyonce, so colourful

And my favourite girl, does it again

Shoe game to point>> this Louis Vuitton is the it! Gorgeous

Cat Eyes -> Meow!

Evolving Trends!

Hair Matters

Style is head to toe
I love changing my hairstyles although I stay with what I know suits my face, complexion etc. My sister on the other end is very daring, she can cut her hair, colour it, grow it, shape it and it all looks gorgeous.

The above are my favourite hairstyles of the moment. The blonde look, I actually prefer Ciaras look to Rihanna's.

Wishing you all a lovely Friday.

Love FT!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Style Siren of the Year

Take note: Mix Print

Charity Starts at Home!

Ms. Lauryn Hill... Yeeeeeeesssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looking for The perfect Shades

These are gorgeous but I gotta find the right frame for my face (That's important)

I love all these!

MIXED Prints Perfection

The mixed print trend has been big this year and I love it but i've noticed people are doing it in their own way it can get a little pukey : D HiHi

Mixed prints seriously just mean to different prints that that are worn together like vertical stripes and leopard skin.
This is how to do a proper mixed print

Hot Damn, I love those shoes, in fact this whole outfit
If you want one that is subtle then do it like this!

A Master of everything is a stressed and busy soul!

I found this in my usual browsing of the net and it touched a cord that I have been trying to define.

Lately I have been feeling that I am doing so much and everything all at the same time. So I took a back sit and realised wait a minute, that ain't where I am going.

In life you always have to look back and analyse if that was the vision you had set up for your mission in the beginning. 

There are so many sayings in this world but I believe one has to analyse the practical reality vs the people's 'wisdom'. I don't believe in the saying 'Jack of all trades master of none'. I have seen many master different trades but the difference is they master one and get on to the other not trying to Master everything at once then they have so many trades that they have mastered.

Tell that to my perfectionist self huh! I'll get there though as long as I stick to Mastering one at a time 
:  D

My other problem is I'm a Libra and we get bored quickly like seriously, We always have to have a challenge to perfect and get on to the next one but one challenge at a time.

That is my advise for today, Master the now then move on to the next.

Love FT.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Saturday Errands time!

Have a Lovely weekend.



Synched Waist in Dotted Lines...

How gorgeous is this, This look however is specific to body types so if you have a showing belly this may not be a good idea. This look for Pear shaped and boyish bodies. Also if you are blessed with a chest, not a good idea, do a slim belt instead. I love the shirt!

Spring it

Embrace the weather >> I guess since it is raining and not too hot in Dar these are applicable : P

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Shopping wish list!

Growing my shopping wish list, can't wait  : D

Miu Miu

Look of The day

Image via Bahati
A mix of turquoise and fuschia coupled with my favourite Kapoeta feather earrings. I love this look so much!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Tuesday Chicness

I hope you are all having a FAB week, mine is hectic but quite thankful for it!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

It's a Sunday

Sundays are my chill out days unless I'm working like today. I like to spend the day at the beach or visiting family or just chilling at home and watching re-runs of any of my favourite shows.

I want multi-coloured nails...mmh! I can't wait for my next appointment

Saturday, 17 March 2012

ZARAMU Designs Fashion Show at NFM

Zaramu designs is a clothing line by my mother in law supported by my sister in law, they make beautiful african inspired dresses but also interiors (love my pilows). My mother in law is very talented, she has made so many things, I guess i'm blessed with talented mothers who love tailor making everything to perfection.

Enjoy! Here is her collection which was SOLD OUT Straight out of the runway.


This is my sister in law (Lynette Anderson), the organiser of Nairobi Fashion Market looking radiant. That's what I call casual chic!!

I loved this girl's dress and even the skirt on the second day but I wasn't in the mood for photographs on the second day just shopping : )

This is the designer and creator of the feather collars, Ambica Shah of Kapoeta Designs who makes earrings and everything she is wearing (minus glasses)! I loved her style very whimsical and lingerie inspired


I enjoyed this event so much, especially on day 1, it was vibrant and it was truly a market place. I thought i'd share with you all the experience. 

It was done in rows of 4 or 5 i think on a huge ground then separated the sitting areas, fashion show and eating areas

I loved these feathers so much, they are real feathers and I bought myself a pair of earrings I can't wait to adorn

It's the weekend

Friday, 16 March 2012

Here's another one

And to think I wasn't a FAN!! Hunh the disgracefulness : )

This is a gorgeous shoot of Sol-Angel for the Evening Standard! Girl needs to stop!
I love the necklace and skirt

Skirt and shoes

Whose the B-O-W-SS


How Hollywood like

Time OUT - you need!

Somebody needs to stop Solo cuz she is on a roll right about now!
This is a very Fresh look and know she does colours and prints so well!

I love it, what do you think!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Gorgeous Naturals

The Gorgeous Ms. Erykah Badu, Natural, Cretaive and so out of the Box

Love those Glasses!

Patterned is a Lady with Class

I am in love with Patterns these days, although I haven't quite found the perfect patterns to buy and wear! I can't wait to go shopping.




Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sunday Pick

It's Sunny and Hot in Nairobi so these are what I would advise you wear my ladies. I know Dar is on that HEAT wave too.

Have a Lovely and Relaxing Sunday.



Nairobi Fashion Market

So Friday we flew to Nairobi to surprise my mother in law and sister in law ( the founder of Nairobi Fashion Market).

Day 1 was a great event, it was proper packed and the fashion shows (one which was by mother in law, I will load pics when i get back to Dar forgot my cable o_O)!

My hubby's fam (his 4 out of 6 sisters) and I were busy screaming and dancing at the VIP tent. My hubby got to DJ... Love you Dj Soulful! That's his passion and he really does it well when he is up there. Yesterday's set was off the hook though!

The lingeries show at 7.30pm was wooh ok let's leave it at Victoria Secret like  ; )

Anyway I'll upload pics when I get back (without the lingerie show i'm afraid, I was too busy covering my husband's eyes to take photos  : P)



Friday, 9 March 2012


Afro Power

Vogue embraces natural hair
As a natural haired sistah, I am proud to see that it is noticed and embraced in so many ways! 

I am beautiful with my natural hair, my AFRO ROCKS : D

Style Star of the week

If at all there is a designer who has managed to create signature is Chanel. You will know it because it is classy and sculptured black and white made to perfection.

Alicia Keys

No one does it like Chanel