Friday, 28 January 2011

This week in Perspective

Inspired by Africa- Home style

You all know how much I love the adoptation of the african fabric in the most creative ways. These, I loooove, and I am so glad my mother in law is such a good tailor makes beautiful african inspirations.

Style Alike Red Carpet style

Whilst browsing, I found this beautiful picture of Miss Hathaway, I remember being in love with this dress. Never realised until the shoot that we are selling the same dress.
Beautiful, truly red carpet style

Available at FT Boutique, is exactly the same as per Anne (above)

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Celebrity Fashion

I love Gabby's dress, the cut is stunning on her fit body! I've gained a lot of weight lately and working my way up back to this : ] lol!

No one does it better than Iman... Beautiful!

The Colours of the New Year... How to mix them!

Reflect who you are inside and out!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

I'll be back...

I'm one of those people who always plan's the next step, goals, and so on. So, last year I had my list all ready before the New year. This year on the other hand... mmmh! I had a beautiful new years eve away from home. The next day, it was another story, I started not feeling well, my sister started not feeling well AND well been in bed since I came back.

So i've been taking it easy on myself and reflecting on what I want to do this year! Sometimes sitting quietly alone and clearing your mind (Ok, I almost felt blank) is the best remedy. So I am in that state right now and will be back when I know exactly what's the best next step. Even though I posted my New Year list, I feel like it's incomplete, I don't do incomplete it would bother me forever.

So till then, Take a step further from where you are and let yourself go.