Thursday, 28 January 2010

Pale and all

This spring is all about pale colours so today I'm gonna show you how to work pale colours like nudes.
Love the jacket

For my time to have fun i'd do this and I am falling into the world of pearls. For those in cold countries... throw in a faux fur coat for that extra glamour look.

Love is all our hearts needs... so much love,


Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Ohh Giorgio I love thee

I've been going through all the different fashion week catwalk looks for Spring 2010 and no one beats the classiness of Armani. I must first admit, I got a crush on his sense of style he is always suited in the most well cut suits and let's not start talking about that classy silver hair of his! But it's the man's translation of a woman's style... this Spring saw beautifully architecture finishes that are truly jewel inspired and I love it..

FT's Pick

it's soulful nights... I'm thinking mmmh.... should I go neutral or all out bright and chic in demure pearls...
Simple and classy in neautrals

I love pink... well if you've visited my shop you already know that... but classy pinks like fuschias and rose pink not princess pink.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

FT's Pick

Ok, Solange you get an A* for this one. I love this dress and that colour really suits her. My favourite part of the dress is the arms, love me some frills and the dress is short but classy not trashy. I want it...

And this is how it all started

FT Boutique started with a young vibrant fun collection which went so fast I couldn't believe it myself. I remember my first project I gathered my beautiful lil sis am and my sweet JC and told them to pose. And they really had fun with it... most of all they sold FT clothing. I love it when a boutique looks and feels like a boutique and not just another clothing store. The below was the summer collection and the Christmas collection saw... a more glitzy glamour, flashy, still fun and classy which is in its closing stages. I will share with you the collection once I take pictures, but for now enjoy a little something from FT...

All these are sold out however there is much more at the store. Pictures courtesy of Angelique photography, thanks love

Monday, 25 January 2010

Ft's Pick

I have a love for Michael Kors, his shoes are so comfy and classy, so today's pick is all about the Kors... it seems my FT customers agree because all the Kors shoes are so gone!

In this case Kors shoes and bag.... sometimes you gotta let the accessories do the talking

Dare to dress

I'm in that mood of being funky chic
Look fab in this FTboutique blue tulip skirt pair it with those finishing touches and you will be so ready to turn heads and feel good inside
Ladies do you dare to go sequin... I love this black mini sequined skirt which is now available at FT : ) pair it with a white vest, boots for cold countries I would suggest strapped boots (available at FT) for our hot country, if you would like to add a jacket or you can pair it with a chain necklace and an oversized clutch. To finish your look, have fabulous hair... remember with sequins make accessories very minimal.
Funky or what... Love the statement tee and that's all you need

A white shirt also works very well with a sequined skirt at settles the flash down and you still look classy

Ladies, it's time to dress!



Friday, 22 January 2010

Chanelling the best of the best

She is young and fresh, ambitious and totally working the world of Fashion. She is Chanel Iman, one of my favourite up and coming model gracing Vogue Spain in a fun and chic way! Ladies let go of your heart and let it smile... it will definitely show!

Ft's pick on a different note

Don’t worry about what others may say or think. Dare to risk. Dare to leap. Dare to pursue. Dare to dream. And if you fail, remember, it’s not the end. Just know that it’s only the beginning.

After all, as the great Martin Luther King said, 'Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.'

YSL, I love thee

Might be going for a lounge launch today... I'm thinking this mmmh, with black pumps and a matching black oversize clutch bag. Remember ladies when the colour is bright either do contrasting colours or a neutral so you don't blind others and let the dress speak for it self. 

Thursday, 21 January 2010

FT's pick

Today's pick is simply black and chic

I want these shoes, I want these shoes... and I want them now

Weekend starts tomorrow people, black romper available at FT with your finishing touches wherever you are going look fabulous. 

My love for dress

I love dressing up especially the look on the man's face when I walk in and it makes me feel even more gorgeous.

I have developed a love for sequins and this cute dress that Ashley is wearing with those nude coloured pumps are just perfect. 

Work of art is the Satorialist

This picture by the Satorialist brings good memories of myself, my best friend lee and my cousin T strolling down the streets of london looking for the next best thing. Now tell me where in Dar can you do that in this heat mmmmhhh... I hear a holiday coming up! Now I just need to make up my mind, go and see my sister in Canada or London. Actually Fashion week is coming invitation has arrived in the post cant miss that! I'll stop rumbling now and get to the point, Ladies whatever you are doing make time for friends and loved ones and just walk and  laugh. After all laughter warms the heart just dont forget to go in style it will make you feel even better.

Love FT.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

FT's pick

Oh, Miss Dash even at 40 you are making us young ones run for our money. Her beauty continues to reign and shine with the glitz of this dress, very clean natural make up, and the hair does not shout just simply simple glitz. Who said you can't wear minis after 30 huh! Eat your heart out cuz you ain't got nothing on Ms. Dash.

I love it so much

This one was sold a couple of weeks ago at FT, there's one more multi coloured with subtle sequins still waiting for that lucky woman of style


Marlon Brando and levis started the whole revolution now we can't seem to live without jeans in your wardrobe. I for one am guilty guilty guilty, I do dark skinnies at work, with a jacket or since it's been too hot with a shirt or a nice top and light washes when out side of the office. I do cropped on fridays for the relaxed look. Check out Kim K showing you how it's done for those in cold countries. 

I love the jeans and the Hermes bag is yum! Just sold a black one yesterday at FT. : )

Life is as easy and nice as you want it to be! So relax and chill.