Sunday, 30 September 2007

Just For today

Today, I am feeling very lady like and I thought mmmh...let me share what I would wear when I feel very lady like. I love being natural, simple yet classy.
Just that finishing touch

Exactly what I said, Natural, simple yet classy
Know what accessories make that simple look, shine
Tone it down with darker accessories...
Till tomorrow, stay sexy and stylish!!

United We Cure

Breast Cancer Awareness Girls, you know it's October. Don't think you are too young to get it!!

There's one quote that resides in my mind when I think of life, it's by John Lennon and it goes a little something like this, "Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans." It sometimes feels like life is spanning out of control, and most of us do not realise it until something happens to us.

When it comes to improving the quality of life, some think about sitting down with an excellent shrink , it might mean taking a trip to the self help clinic, or taking time out by your self to just think on improvements you could make. Have you ever thought, one of those improvements could be checking for breast cancer?? I guess not, most of us don't think it could ever happen, like AIDs.

The 'C,' word is never an easy thing to hear. For a moment it takes your breath away. Your heart begins to beat like a drum as your mind struggles to comprehend the reality. You don't choose breast cancer, it choses you. A lot of people die every single day from cancer, so don't ignore it. Make it one of your regular check ups.

Friday, 28 September 2007

Inspired by Africa and the West

Hey girlies, you all know i've been trying my best to give you more of an african here is one with a little more twist

How about this

With this

I love this dress with a little twist of Africa

I love this bag, I'm sure you all have seen Halle carrying it as of lately

I am also loving wide legged jeans and those shoes...keep it stylish

So, you all will notice abit of change in the next weeks as I try my magazine writing skills!!P.S. If you want to see anything or find anything...just let me know and you know I'll do my best to provide for you!!

Style picks

I love kate hudson so this is how you can do it like her

Casual but nit

I love the shawl and the mix with a casual look

If you want to do purple this is nice

Or you can have an accessory that's purple

I love this sweetheart dress

Tiger Woods, does it big

So I realised I negleted my other skill, Interior designing, lately!!So I thought I would grace you with Tiger Woods house..damn money can buy you luxury (notice I didn't say happiness ;)).

I love the staircase and the natural glamour that blesses this house

With a view like this who'd want to get out of bed really, seriously

You'd wanna wake up for breakfast with a comfortable and luxurious environment like this

This will be my sofa, comfort at the first look and when you sit (It's good dream ok!!)

Everyday will feel like holiday

Oooh I love jacuzzi baths...ask my sister I never get out the bathroom..with candles all around, a good book...all you need after a hectic day. I also love showers especially the mornings, that looks like perfect..someday!!I love the separe shower and bath...

Warm and cozy

Nature in the house, gives it the extra bit style but not too much as it is not good for your health

A breath taking site

I love the feel of this house, the lighting is perfect for just the two of you

Finishing touches make your house complete as you can see

Thursday, 27 September 2007

we live every day like its the last

Chic, Sexy and Fabulous
Elise Neal is looking fabulous
Alicia as always looking tres chic
Lady in white, MJB is so fabu these days from head to toe
I love this dress
Damn, Hot look
Purple season ladies
Baby Phat dress, full of fabulousity
Plus size and sexy (thanks to fashionista)
Beautiful plus size (courtesy of fashionista)
Queen L is looking fab
This is so in this season
I like this, especially the pockets

Everyday is different from yesterday

These are just random picks that I absolutely love

Love the colours

I love these jackets

Do the layer look y'all with these cute jackets

My Favourite

I'm feeling these at the moment

These plaid shorts are hapenning for those in hot countries that is

Find a nice simple black dress and dress it with this and you are so good to go

I love this bag

I'm not a high heel girl but damn this shoe is lovely