Friday, 30 November 2007

For the weekend: Style is nothing without heart

This is so random, i can't explain but I guess that's why my style is eclectic!!I start with a beautiful African woman looking fierce in her bubble hem dress with a little gold, just enough accessories to complete the look. Second, a classy lady indeed, only some can work that over sized Prada clutch, yet with your over sized glasses and that white dress...makes it seem classy. Overflowing beauty, that's what i call that dress, I love it. I saw a couple in different colours at Karen millen but you exceed, the calm colour of the dress plus the look at me hands brings a stylish feel to you when you enter the room. Yep, she's got style indeed!! A little bead here alittle skin there...that's all that you need sometimes. So tomorrow will come, an early bird as always for 6 days a week, feeling those boots, with the matching coat and black bag to compliment the buttons of your sleek coat...hell who said white jeans were out, uunh uunh girl, it's skinny white jeans now. Enjoy style, while it lasts.
African beauty prevails
Oversized clutch bag
the hands are what make the dress
Beaded mystery and the love of purple snakeskin

Ooh did i say, i forgot, Put the finishing touch with those glasses!

P.S Love is not everything, it's everything that comes with it that's love

Workable team

Beautiful simplicity

or without it

You prevail hardship, outside but inside you are dying!!
prevail inside hardship and you'll naturally brighten the outside...
yeah it's not fair but who said life was...
You take it one step at a time and hope for the best.

Courtesy of the economy of style, you know how it works!!

Musings of me

It's like when ever you try, you get pushed down,
Who me, no, not me, I was never there,
It's like the memories are full of them,
Who you, you were never there,
it's like i'm sad when i love them,
Who them, they were never there...
It's like...
not like just its!!
My Mind is wondering, that's all, nothing big...I try to avoid it
But who said 'free your thoughts' crazy hunh
Ain't that what life is?
By the way who I'm I speaking to, me or you
I don't know but life is full of muse
Today is vision of my musing
Now only, maybe, does it prevail...why? Just ain't you it's me!!Cliche!!
Ain't that what it is!!
Mmmh...I love that!!
Hunh..The Musing of the's greater than you

True temptation

True happiness is only brought by you,
Don't let you, get lost in worthless things, 
Don't let people take over your life,
Life is beautiful when you are content with yourself,
As they say nothing is ever promised tomorrow or even today.
The beauty of our woman inspired by culture, African Culture
Hint of who you are, be confident in you and you'll feel and look good, african style

Be the light of the ball
be trendy, make your own fashion, be unique but be you
One of my graphics tutor once told me "simplicity can create a beautiful thing." Try it, she did
The dress itself is an accessory..Strutt with confidence
Classy African Lady

Professional creativity


It's inspiration that creates
Its your mind that shows
Open it and you'll see the visions
Let your ideas become reality

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Love yourself, Be yourself

Hi Gals, I know I've been away for too long, do forgive me but I am getting a bit busy!!Anyway, It's approaching christmas and i know a lot of us are looking for things to wear for those parties!!For today, I will grace my plus size beauties and others...i'll be back soon to grace you with more!! Miss hudson
Queen of plus size confidence
Jhud looking smashing
Office Parties...
Yes, you too can look as beautiful
Red is always there to get you the christmas spirit
This is my favourite
Queen shows you how you can do it
The essence of style is in you my ladies
Show those curves with this beautiful dress, loving the midnight blue colour

This is perfect as it flaws well and you can flaunt those legs

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Risque Creative Minds

I love Alicia Keys, I absolutely love the way she has evolved from gangsta looking New Yorker with a soulful voice to a sultry, sexy woman who embraces a womanly curves with style that never goes wrong...without forgeting her creative mind that has been giving us beautiful Music

I am not a fan of Solange(Beyonce's little sister) at all but when I saw this mix of colour...I must say I love those shoes and the colour of the dress...without the puffiness I am sure the dress would have suited her better but the colour helps alot. The hair is on point, I see she has gone for the Kelly Rowland look

Creative Touch

FT: "Creativity is a man's best friend each one of us has our own creative side"

Friday, 16 November 2007

So Haute, So cute

Thanks to miss batch...!!This is so beautiful, Miss Walsh

Natalie Potman is looking like a flashy, classy lady

Remember the days of sister sister, I never missed that show after school...well My girl Tia has grown and embraces her womanhood with style...loving the dress and shoes

Venus, looks like a lady for once..I love this simple classy look

Sometimes I wonder..

Life is easier when you have faith