Saturday, 31 January 2009

Preview of the African Dream

This is what I call Hot, Haute couture. High class glamour mixed with culture, modernity and the future. Fashion, it's a great adventure!

This is real fashion... still waiting to see what Tanzanian designers can offer. For me it's mostly the finishing of each product, these are up to perfection.

The Art of shoes

Friday, 30 January 2009

A lady never a trump

Vintage to the max
Good for work and an evening out
Hollywood glamour
I love this beautiful dress... mh green

Sequined dress for those fun nights out... like to day


Thursday, 29 January 2009

Aisha Tyler

I love this dress and her eye make up.

Huh..Ok Bye!

Am in such a silly mood today, happy and energetic. Uh life is beautiful just laugh about it and you'll have a happier life.
I love this three quarter pant suit
mh, exactly what I was envisioning wearing today

Chic in Blue...I want a blue skirt and everything that's blue. My closet is in lack of aqua blue, ladie have fun with style but you must look demure

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

70s style for an 80s child

I love anything vintage (suitcase), mixed with the boyfriend jacket and the rest of the outfit I am thrilled with fashion

Look at each detail and imagine the creativity and thought process and the finishing product. Design oh how I love it

Tuesday, 27 January 2009


I love how Viola looks in this dress, her toned body, I envy but so lazy I am to drag my behind to the gym or go on a treadmill at home! Envying, I shall remain till that motivation (kick FTs butt) kicks in. ooh yeah ladies, yellow and Mustard are the colours for spring.

Miss Henson is glowing and that dress fits just right. I also love the hairstyle, I am thinking of it for me. AgaiN check out the perfectly toned body!

Ok..Yoga and swimming here I come...ummm...I think!

Monday, 26 January 2009


Is it change we are hoping for or are putting too much pressure on one GUY!

Love the Tees

Artsy watsy

I am an artist at heart...! My designer self has been awoken as of lately and I feel so inspired to do more. I was going round this weekend and I found some really inspiring finishing touches then I decided to put my own twist into all of them. So when I was doing my usual browse and found these bits and pieces, I was totally siked with my new venture! I will share with you soon...
Splash splash... the paint is on... beautiful!

Ooh my God these clutches have woken the creative in me. 

Ta lovelys... I'll share soon as my project is done! It's on a hush hush for now

Sunday, 25 January 2009


Awards snap shot

summer nightingale 

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Cozy practical spaces

I like spaces where it is cozy yet I can still do my work... meaning it needs to have proper lighting and a neat desk...preffarably near the window where I can look outside in the greatest of views.
the more vintage looking better for me

i love to chill out after a hard days my chillout space must extra cozy...hopefully enough for me and the partner or at times with my girlfriends.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Home and Office deco

Fashion and design runs through my blood. I love the uniqueness in everything, the more unique and catchy to the eye the style the more i'll love it. Check out a few bits and bobs for your home and home office/office. Organisation is key, it makes you work better look for things easily and keeps the room classy chic.
By far, my favourites
Sometimes inspiration comes from anything... even your clothing

Keep it organised in style

FT's Picks

Simply my picks for today... Have fun with style ladies, don't let it stress you

shoes off ladies

I was browsing around the net and saw this (can't remember what site it was sorry) but I really love this and thought to share with you is a must!


1. Carpets are not easy to clean.
2. Carpets absorb dust and become breeding grounds for dust mites, causing the development of asthma and allergies.
3. If you do not have a carpet, the dust will not be absorbed and you are likely to breathe it in.
4. Shoes can leave marks on wood, PVC and marble floors.
5. Shoes can scratch wood flooring, especially if they have high heels.
6. Boots and high heeled shoes can cause wear and tear to carpets.
7. That goes for rugs as well.
8. Shoes pick up small particles of grit that cause wear and tear to carpets.
9. Shoes pick up traces of petrol fumes and industrial pollution.
10. Shoes can pick up pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals.
11. Shoes pick up traces of animal excrement.
12. Ever noticed how much chewing gum there is stuck to the streets?
13. In a square mile, there are more insects than people on the planet. How many do you think you have squashed on your shoes?
14. If you have a crawling baby, do you want him or her to be exposed to the dirt from people's shoes?
15. In rain or snow, you are less likely to get the floor wet.
16. If you live near a beach, you will bring less sand into the house.
17. If you have a crawling baby, you will do less damage if you accidently step on him or her.
18. If you get mad and kick the cat or dog, you will do less damage (apologies to animal lovers).
19. If your children play rough, they will do less damage.
20. It creates a less formal atmosphere.
21. It creates a greater sense of relaxation.
22. Your guests will become more like you by removing their shoes and will feel part of the family.
23. An Asian, Scandinavian or East European visitor will feel more at home.
24. It teaches children the importance of respecting and looking after things.
25. Psychologically, removing your shoes helps you to enter a frame of mind where you keep your everyday troubles outside your home.
26. It is more comfortable.
27. It is healthier for you feet to take your shoes off during the day.
28. Small children with growing feet should wear shoes only to the minimum.
29. If you wear high-heeled shoes, your feet badly need a break.
30. You can put your feet up on the sofa without taking your shoes off first (Dont tell me you put your feet on the sofa with shoes on?).
31. You can put your feet up on the coffee table without taking your shoes off first.
32. If you ever visit Japan, it will seem less weird.
33. If you are ever arrested and they confiscate your shoes, along with your belt and jewellery, it will seem less weird.
34. Your feet smell less if you do not wear shoes all day.
35. When you lovingly chastise your children, you will have a slipper to hand.
36. It was a Biblical custom (come on, did they wash their feet with shoes on?)
37. Do you really think the Saints in Glory are going to trample the sparkling, clean New Jerusalem with shoes on?

Friday, 16 January 2009

The love of my life

If i was going to an award I would wear this dress, then have the same style in knee high length and in another colour

Dear lord, i love me this man, his style, his swagger and his poise... not forgetting his music
I love keke's blouse well actually her whole outfit but the color of that blouse is what really speaks to me

I love bey's necklace... and is it me or does be look older than her age these days! Anyway that necklace is talking to me big time

Thursday, 15 January 2009

It's Friday...

Ok. So I have been so busy this week but I just had to squeeze in a second for my love of fashion.
White and red are my favourites a classy lady indeed, I know
purple haven, loving the power of skirts this week, the funkier the better for me

Ah, I'm in love with this colour and the style of the dress, I was sold... accessorizing is key sweethearts

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Subtle glamour

I've been highlighting my love for skirts this week. I love a skirt or dress that just accentuates my shape and makes me look curvy. Not that ooh my damn curvy but just right! In fashion, I am eclectic, I could feel like wearing trousers, sometimes skirts, sometimes dresses... depending on my mood for the day   
I love this dress, accessorize it properly and you will have a HIT. if you've got a flat tummy, curvy (not too curvy) shape and not too large of breasts (maybe up to a D size). I can picture you in this
This number here is good for those with hips and small waists and up to C in the upper part, nice legs for the skirt... girl Finishing touches are a must!

This one here is not for those who are too curvy, for those of us with boy shapes and from a B to a D cup would look like you got it all in this! Have fun with style ladies.

Much love FT


celebrities have been doing it big, with the Awards season in full swing. Here are my favourites:
J... You know you are my icon... it's the design that I am all up on
Eva... is my favourite actress and in dressing she inspires me in a big fat way to be a demure lady and that dress says it all
Bey is back, I thank she got my memoir that said come back to Sasha fierce bey is too boring... that's a curved out design and I love it on her. Notice the necklace
Wow, natural beauty in yellow swirl. I love this dress

For the cutsy you ones... Miss Sparks shows you how at the people's choice award.

Temptation is killing me

You know sometimes, there is just that something that you just want so much,
You visualise how it will be, just perfect and then you plan each step.
Well I have that today... and I am now painting my vision and sharing it with you

For those in the sun (minus the boots), and those in the winter
Sometimes you feel so sexy like an Animal, what animal is so sexy than a cheetah (print)

For those grey days, and for us who are required to run around, simple chic would do