Friday, 27 March 2009

Love for Africa

Love it... Excellent!
Would totally wear
Classy Africa

That's Haute

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Celeb Style Watch

My Favourite Simmon's girl Angela, with her casual relaxed look yet still chic. I love that army printed LV
Rihanna's jacket is just so cool! I want it! Next the necklace... Ri's style reminds of my lil' sis so much. Not afraid of taking risks that work perfectly, from hair to clothing to the shoe game
Miss Jackson if you nasty! I love Janet till forever... but right here I love her pumps and that bag

A lady should always maintain her elegance, and Miss Washington always does with her style... love thos louboutins. The outfit is cute as hell 

Friday, 20 March 2009

C. Mi in the weekend

For me what differentiates designers especially African designers is ability to choose colours that go, the ability to come up with the greatest of designs, the best finish to the product and best of all finishing touches should compliment not override your design.
This is one of my favourites from C.Minou the bow adds a certain elegance. Note to self, minimal finishing touches
The layering of colours is out of this world.. check out the finishing touches. Calm colours with a plain accessory in this case the bag worked
Another one of my favourites, it's cute... when a design is finished to perfection you'll just know it.

Elegance is a reservation by the mouth, it should pop out as soon as one sees you walking down the street. Body language, poise and most of all your wardrobe

Miss Keys handling Fashion like it should be... with a purpose that is

I absolutely love this simple yet with the jacket and heels... it makes it smart chic

Thursday, 19 March 2009


Yeah we love y'all too... so here is some fun African styles for you all. Representing C. Minou... I love this

Watch me When I come up

Some more C.Minou for you... fresh as always, fun with colours and creative with their designs. And the finishing touches are exquisite.

Jenny P's

I love me some underground Designers, they have the best fashions and its fun too. So meet Jenny, she is funky and fun yet very creatively feminine.
I can totally identify with this dress but what makes me want it even more is the prints 
Simple, casual, chic
Intriguing piece of work
Makes me want it even more
Be cold in fashion
That's the chic

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Out of Africa!

I love... and I want

At the moment, I want this chanel bag... it's so cool and sexy... beautiful

The Chic is back... I've always loved Rihanna's stylist and this is why, love those jeans, with those shoes and simple white tee and what else but up your look in those chilly nights with a fur collared sweater and cut out fingers gloves! You know the best way to feel better when you are really down is to get up and dress your best and get out there!

Friday, 13 March 2009

In Favor of being Au Naturale

I like the natural look on a woman of colour, a neat afro or curly afro, nicely wrapped hair with the best cloths, ethnic earrings that just highlight the no make up or very little made up face then there goes the finishing touches, huge bangles that just speak I love myself this much, nice sandals that makes others just envy your legs and a beautiful sun dress.
This defines me
Love it and live it 

Afro chic and fabulous

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Aschobi the Great

To embrace is to appreciate,
To appreciate is to love,
and I have fallen in love with all the fashion riskers that have turned Africa into the new trend!
Sexy and classy.. . 

Classy with an edge... an African edge that is
Now this I am so in love with, know how to use colours

The woman herself looking simple yet glamourous! I love that jacket

I love it when you C Mi

I know, I have featured them before but ain't no way am I ever not going to keep up with my Favourite fashionistas aka C. Minou some cool chicks who can throw down a party with fashion while at harvard! I loves it... let your passion be your remedy!
Check me out
You know chic belongs to this... love the accessorizing
when you have the body embrace it with style
I could totally work this
Cote Cute

The finish, the style, the accessorizing is just perfect. I love Afro chic fashions

Monday, 9 March 2009

Aschobi by Madame Adama

I loves it! Breath taking expression of fashion... black is truly beautiful