Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Summer Spring and FALL

Whilst in Tanzania, the heat is getting hotter and hotter by the day, elsewhere people are thinking about sweaters and winter jackets (those were the days when my friends and I would trek different stores looking for the perfect fit). Today I give you 3 different looks that will help you look Chic in the changing weather. For those entering the hot hot African Summer i've given you tips too : )

Fall lovelies: throw a jacket on top of this camel inspired ensemble and you are done
summer lovers: a pencil skirt and brown strappy heels would do great for a day at the job or shorts and nice camel brown sandals would do great.
Don't you just love those earrings!

Love this fall look!
summer lovers: nice burgundy stilletos, keep the sweater in the closet and you are so done!

This one just change the shoes... could be great with a black pencil skirt, light cotton pencil bootleg trousers or even black shorts for the night! I adore the bag, got mine in grey : )

Hope you will try these picks!

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