Sunday, 11 March 2012

Nairobi Fashion Market

So Friday we flew to Nairobi to surprise my mother in law and sister in law ( the founder of Nairobi Fashion Market).

Day 1 was a great event, it was proper packed and the fashion shows (one which was by mother in law, I will load pics when i get back to Dar forgot my cable o_O)!

My hubby's fam (his 4 out of 6 sisters) and I were busy screaming and dancing at the VIP tent. My hubby got to DJ... Love you Dj Soulful! That's his passion and he really does it well when he is up there. Yesterday's set was off the hook though!

The lingeries show at 7.30pm was wooh ok let's leave it at Victoria Secret like  ; )

Anyway I'll upload pics when I get back (without the lingerie show i'm afraid, I was too busy covering my husband's eyes to take photos  : P)



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