Saturday, 17 March 2012

ZARAMU Designs Fashion Show at NFM

Zaramu designs is a clothing line by my mother in law supported by my sister in law, they make beautiful african inspired dresses but also interiors (love my pilows). My mother in law is very talented, she has made so many things, I guess i'm blessed with talented mothers who love tailor making everything to perfection.

Enjoy! Here is her collection which was SOLD OUT Straight out of the runway.

Classy dress

Her signature style which I have

My favourite model and dress, I just had to buy it, wait till you see the back

POW! Gorge, can't wait to wear it

Gorgeous concepts

Hubby loved this for me for work since I wear a lot of sheath dresses but it was sold by the time I got to the tent

Evening dresses

I bought this one too, I loved the collar and the buttons and let's not talk about the arrangement of the patterns! I wore it for a lunch party at my mother in laws. She was so happy!!

Another evening dress

Bright colurs, I love

Another one I liked

With a belt or without, I'd work it anytime

High waisted pants

Casual chicness

Love this so much

The arms

There she goes, her royal gorgeousness! I missed my mum by this point, they would have had a great time!

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