Saturday, 17 March 2012


This is my sister in law (Lynette Anderson), the organiser of Nairobi Fashion Market looking radiant. That's what I call casual chic!!

I loved this girl's dress and even the skirt on the second day but I wasn't in the mood for photographs on the second day just shopping : )

This is the designer and creator of the feather collars, Ambica Shah of Kapoeta Designs who makes earrings and everything she is wearing (minus glasses)! I loved her style very whimsical and lingerie inspired
Bumped into this beautiful lady with a Bohemian inspired look. Those feather earrings are also by Amicah of Kapoeta Designs

Another lovely fashionista, looking very chic

On the second day I wore a dress made and designed by my mother in law. It was just appropriate!

loved her dress

My dress was exactly the same style just different patterns. Here is Lynette again on day 2 looking sweet

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