Friday, 24 June 2011


So Dar Fashion Festival was launched yesterday and it was a blast. It was great seeing very creative designers such as:

Kilechia - Beautiful shoes made with African fabrics lovely lovely lovely
Eskado Bird - An extremely creative individual who mixed art, poetry, fashion and history. Entertaining Couture
Eve Collection - Ready to wear african wear. Great finishing
Pichini - Love it love it love it, african wear inspired by modern designs and sisal bags 
Rio Paul - Fun collection

The atmosphere was great and I must congratulate the girls who did this because it shows women can and can do IT Better : )
A little firework for the opening

Madam Rita who was the guest of honor wearing Eve Collection

The organisers in Eve collection

Eve's Collection
My Favourite FT Model next to my Sister working Pichini Collection

That Done, Lets gear up for the Festival this weekend, Let's do this!

Girls, WHO RUNS THIS?...

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