Thursday, 23 June 2011

Visit Stall No. 16 for Great Fashion

Hi Ladies, I hope you've been keeping well. I know i've been quiet not telling you what's going on. Well I have a lot going on right now. New Beginnings, New Growths, Great Opportunities that I am  taking one step at a time. One is DFF (better known as Dar Fashion Festival), I decided for the first time to try something new and see where it takes me. I'm always cautious for my brand and that's just how I am. So came DFF the thing that intrigued me is the fact that it's more than just fashion. Last Sunday I spent the whole day at the WOMEN IN BUSINESS SUMMIT listening to so many different women inspiring each other and telling their business story. Some old some new some growing some encountering so many challenges almost to giving up.

I love it, so I decided to join the bandwagon of great women who some may not know, new designers, shop owners, business owners and lastly we were graced with the presence of Anisa Mpungwe of Loin Cloth & Ashes. She shared her story and it made a lot of designers, shop owners, fashion lovers feel inspired to do more. I for one am very proud of her achievement and I'm glad to have met her.

Anyway, other than that tonight is the opening ceremony appropriately named, 'WOMENs Worth' where there will be fashion shows from upcoming and new designers not the same old we see but some new blood in the market which i love : ) This is an invite only event, however This SATURDAY and SUNDAY DFF will be out at the Green (Where the goat race normally happens) on Kenyatta drive. All great shops will be exhibiting, sponspors, kids fun, food court and a lot of fun.

So please join in fun with Fashion at the Dar Fashion Festival this weekend and VISIT FT BOUTIQUE @ stall 16.

Ladies it's always Time to Dress.



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