Monday, 25 January 2010

Ft's Pick

I have a love for Michael Kors, his shoes are so comfy and classy, so today's pick is all about the Kors... it seems my FT customers agree because all the Kors shoes are so gone!

In this case Kors shoes and bag.... sometimes you gotta let the accessories do the talking


Ur pretty bibi In USA said...

hey my mjukuu leo u did kosha ur bibi a lot coz u know why? ur bibi luv MK a lot and them shoes they nice n the bags mhhh mmhhh mmhhhh...was thinking of opening a Michael Kors outlet in dar in the near future but will end up vaa mwenyewe all the stuff lol....keep up the good work mamii liking the FT blog it have a lot of my tastes. much luv mmmwaahhhh

Finishing Touches said...

Heeey... Thanks love! I love Michael collection! I am so goin for more at fashion week! Miss you a lot sorry I couldn't see you when you came. Much luving and thanks for the support.