Wednesday, 27 January 2010

FT's Pick

it's soulful nights... I'm thinking mmmh.... should I go neutral or all out bright and chic in demure pearls...
Simple and classy in neautrals

I love pink... well if you've visited my shop you already know that... but classy pinks like fuschias and rose pink not princess pink.


fatma said...

haki FT, ur blog is such an inspiration to me, your choices r just classic, you know am just a student, ofcourse money is an issue, so i used to go for cheap things so i cn get more bt ofcourse not classic, since i got to knw your blog a yea ago, i save to get just oe thing but its not just not one thing, its classy...... i got one ankle boot just like that one from aldo, and am loving it....thank you FT

much love

Finishing Touches said...


Thanks so much for being a regular visitor of FT and loving my love for fashion and that it's actually helping you change your wardrobe! That makes me proud that within all this you are also finding your sense of style.

I always say, invest in things that will last you a long time. I'll tell you my wardrobe has things that I bought years are go but are just coming back in style. When I was a student, I used to pin point what I want work for it and go and get it!

Always remember fashion dies, style stays forever.