Monday, 25 February 2008

Ladies..African Class

I absolutely fell in love with this designer when I saw her products... Who new African lace can look so young and elegant!! L. Shandi is beautiful and it is all about the finished product and detail
I like the colour mixed with black and the finishing touches of silver shoes and earrings
I see she has adopted the look of the sixties, that elegant sweet girl look with white gloves but what I love the most is the dress and the way she has aligned the detail of the fabric
I like indeed, I do but i'm not agloves fan 
Pure elegance, the combination of silk and lace
You are so gonna turn heads at that wedding or party
Note the colour combination
Same here
Remember I posted this yesterday? Nice hunnh
I love this so much, two tone people

This designer has her eye on detail, that is from the fabric to the finished product, to accesories which is how it is supposed to be


L~Shandi said...

Thanks :)


ft said...

Ooh wow, thanks for visiting Finishing Touches!! i so love your designs and wish I could get the in London!! Keep up the good work..


Anonymous said...

FT hivi unapataga wapi hizi picha... manake huwa zimetulia kinomi!!! Thanks very much dear!!!

L~Shandi said...

Hi FT,

Thanks again for writing about my designs! I would love to give you one of my designs. Please email me your standard US dress size and your height/skin color. Any information to help me decide on what to give you would help.

Thanks again