Monday, 25 February 2008

Its all about small details

Interior designing is all about detail..from colour to the accessories that complete the look
If you saw BBA (Big Brother Africa) then you'll recognise this..when someone likes a bold colour e.g. red then mix it with another lighter colour the red will still pop but it would calm it
Sometimes simplicity is perfect..what I like here is the table, the cushions and fireplace and just the brightness of the room that makes that simple look standout
wow, this is something
I love plain elegance, complete white 
I fell in love with this table

My favourite of all is this mirror..ooh my God if you know me, you know I love mirrors (I get that from my mamma) I used to spend too much time in front of mirrors when I was younger, now it's wake up rush to work and come back too tired so just a bit

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