Sunday, 24 February 2008

Interior designing is my second love or maybe it goes hand in hand with my love for fashion. today i thought i'd give you a little bit of this love of mine!! Even your home needs finishing touches, looking good starts with your house then complete with yourself... 
i don't know why i picked these chairs, i just found them interesting as a design
i love my bathroom to have a calm yet welcoming effect..and it has to be extra cleaning cuz i love my bath with candles, and scents
a bit of Africa into your home
This is my favourite, create a rich luxurious feeling..ooh my god i love white, when it comes to towels and bed linen, and toilet paper must be white too...(i hate any other colour when it comes to those...)
low beds, i remember when working with a chinese interior designer...i fell in love with low beds!!(ooh yeah my favourite colour apart from red is orange) hence why this choice is here!!orange and chocolate go so well

This sitting room has so much that i felt like i could pick every piece for myself..what's the most noticeable item to you, that just makes you say I WANT THAT??


Anonymous said...

Mmmh! the bathroom's a bit too busy what with leopard and giraffe(?) prints. Aren't bathrooms supposed to be soothing? The sitting room is fab! Please checkout Lady JD's pad in Michuzi, what do you think?

FT said...

Hi there...actually it depends with the finishing of it!!don't put the whole print all over the bathroom just one part and then a calmer colour as you can see there is cream, beige, sand etc...these are just to go with african themes. Yeah, I actually saw Jayd's pad, I felt that it was a bit too much over use of colour although the concept that she was going for was very nice once she finishes the outside landscape i believe her house would be nice!! Colour choices are someone's preferences i guess