Monday, 3 September 2012

Wonder Workshop End of Summer sale

Apart from arriving late and finding someone already took my usual spot, Wonder Workshop this time had more exhibitors than usual. That's a good thing... a compound full of creative bodies. Only thing is whenever it goes quite we all then start criticising each other's work : P

In my new finds I thought this Shamim of 8020s Fashion would love. Home furniture with the cushions made up of kitenge african fabrics. Such lovely finishing too 
I particularly loved these side stools, I would have them in my funky office

And this arm chair, gorgeous

This is us all set up

Can you spot the goat wearing eye covers for sleeping (Gosh i've gone blank and forgot the name oh well)

There were so much more but I wasn't feeling well so I had to sit a lot.

It was fun!

Love FT

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