Wednesday, 13 July 2011


So this past weekend was hubby and I's wedding anniversary. Woosh days go so fast, in this past year we have learned so much about each other more than when we just friends. We are both at a very happy state in life and with each other. It's the best state you can ever be!

So Mr. B, surprised me with a short holiday which was so loved since I spent the whole week at home since I was so unwell and we were moving houses. Ooh yeah, I love our new home so much, it's so us, just a few tweaks here and there. So I spent the whole week sick and arranging things which made feel even worse.

Anyway back to the weekend, he told me to pack we are going away... I love surprises but I am so impatient and spent the whole day asking everyone including him who kept on answering yes to every place I guessed.

It was so great to be at an island, beautiful beaches, great food, even great views. I felt so relaxed and we bonded even more. We talked, walked, and loved each other more.

I am so thankful to God for finally giving me a friend in my husbandt! He truly does his best towards me : ) I am so thankful for our understanding, friendship, oh God that man can make me laugh so much even when I'm mad (and I switch easily). I find myself smiling more during the day than have a frown on my face.

I pray for many more years of happiness and success cuz we work together : )

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Anonymous said...

AAwwweeee thats very nice of him and yeah bibi says HAPPY ANNIVERSARY may allah give u many more years of happiness together....bibi luv u so much ur ur lil mamaodo is coming to bongo next month yeeayyyyy...