Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Shoe Closet

I've been debating with myself about which shoe closet is best open on shelves or shoes in a box with pictures in front of the box to highlight the shoe. Found these I can't remember where... So what would you choose? Or rather what looks neater?

I would find it easier to just see every shoe on display

With boxes, i'd probably not wear all out of not being bothered to start looking and also to start putting them back uggh! Yes I can be lazy at times : )


Bibi odo, Nashville,TN said...

Hey babez.....ur bibi will preffer the open on the shelve shoe closet for those already worn .....but the last two rows will be for the brand new ones in the box with the pic outside the box.......wink ; )...bibi luv u so much but umentupa siku hizi say hello to hubby..mmmwaahhhh

Finishing Touches said...

Thanks Bibi.

I totally agree with you on that because I have a lot of new shoes that i'd rather do not get dust or worn out from light before I wear them.

And no sijakutupa just busy like a bee tu! Haven't seen you on FB lately.

Thanks for your support very much appreciate it.