Monday, 13 September 2010


Discipline is a word or action that many of us do not completely apply to our everyday life. I woke up today with the word discipline stuck to my head. I checked my daily checklist, what to do? Did I finish everything I wanted to do yesterday. The advantages of having your own office is that you drive yourself but then again that is also a disadvantage. I for one, wants to get to places no one has ever been in terms of success. So everyday, discipline yourself to get out of bed early, and do everything you needed to do by the end of day. I and my partner tend to love working at night but that's just over working ourselves isn't it or is it? To get to where you want, you must be disciplined and driven. I am driven, Are you? Onto style... My inspiration for today is Ms. Eva Mendez how dauntingly beautiful and demure does she represent herself. Ask yourself, how do you want to represent yourself and how do you represent yourself when you wherever you are? even at home!

Polka Dots and neatly done rough updo
Eyes and lips... dark and sexy just enough

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