Monday, 6 September 2010

Behind the shades

Hey Ladies, another day and working my way up my own strategies to reach my set goals. Are you one of those people who always plans and makes sure you meet goals and it bothers you to not reach them? Well I am, If my heart is set on something i'll do whatever I can to reach it, of-course along the way there will be procrastinations and a lot of fear. Sometimes fear can stop you or sometimes it can motivate you.
I have learned to make fear my driving source, it gets me to where I want to be. However, if it isn't perfect I won't let anyone see it, until it's exactly how I want it. Sometimes, this has delayed so many goals but when I launch them to the world, I thank God they are as perfect and no matter who says what, those he said she said will just pass me by. One thing that you all know is I hate being in the public eye, I love my work to speak for me. I may go to events but until I tell you, you'll never know that is me. I am an observer and I love to learn, I love fashion and love to make you sure others look good. One once called me 'the beauty that will succeed behind the shades.' : )

Good luck with whatever you are doing.

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