Thursday, 20 May 2010

The heart that never listens

I have a heart that sometimes has its own mind and wants things my mind is hesitant about.
I have a blessing from God that will soon happen,
Sometimes I wonder, sometimes I feel grateful, oh dear heart be in tune with my mind,
It's my prayers that the coming is what you planned for me and what has past will stay in the past,
I love the feeling that it scares me at times,
Dear heart be in tune with my mind,
Dear God, you are the only one I trust, the only one I have hope on that all will be as great a you plan, the only one who can make it all as great as I pray to be.
Sometimes I am harsh, Sometimes I am selfish, all in all I love thee all and want it all at the best.
Sometimes my perfectionism gets in the way of decisions, changed and changed again... I have decided to turn to you and pick and pray its the right one.
Dear God, Sometimes is now!


ur pretty bibi In USA said...

Inshallah God will make it happen as u wanted it be and will be the best ever with loads of blessings from him & us all as ur family and inshallah will be yenye Khery na wewe na barka tele.......mungu akupe moyo wa Subra na akuongezeeni mapenzi both of u......& remember bibi luv u loads wish u joy & happiness...

Finishing Touches said...

Inshallah, thanks bibi!

Anonymous said...

oohoo that is nice like poem,but my dear one day you wake up and realise you have it, and its all your koz we use to say,if you love something,set if free.if it come back to you ,its your's.if it doesnt, it was never mean to moyo always will follow want you are feeling muda man trash is another man treasure.

Finishing Touches said...

Thanks for your advice and Amen to the last part!