Monday, 31 May 2010

Slogan T-shirts

The madness of this world, as much as I used to like slogan t-shirts, when I was a little younger and I owned a few that i'd wear very occasionally. The last time I wore one was at a slogan tee party months ago. See, to me what you wear represents who you are, whether you are wearing it to be funny, rude, or as a representation of yourself. To me all of it is a representation of yourself. Now some of us go to the extreme, I mean seriously, orgasm donor? As much as you do not care about what people think, some things are better left within a group that knows you, it just doesn't represent you so well. That's my opinion... what's yours? Would you wear a tee that said that or even how would you view someone who wears a t-shirt like that? Let me know...
I would personally wear a tee with graphics and this message. What would you wear?

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