Saturday, 2 February 2008

FT Picks

Hey Ladies, That special lovers day is coming, I believe in a relationship it should be special everyday but once in a while you make it even more special. So why not Valentines day...(ooh i hate that name) so i'll keep calling it lovers day. I am not sure yet what we are going to do but whatever you are it with love and make sure if all else goes bad... you still look fabulous... have fun with your loved ones!! Normally for us valentines day is about family whether you are married or with a partner, we all come together and celebrate but i guess not this year... I miss my family :(. Anyway here is what you could wear that special day.
You know this is red hot, I love red
But if you are not looking to blend in with the rest of the deco on that is nice, mix it with gold, it wont look to dead!! Shine on Ladies, on the 16th, I am hoping to go to an African Fashion show arranged by Top Nigerian designers at the Marriot in Central I can't wait. If I take'll see!!

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