Friday, 25 January 2008

Women’s Clothing: Wardrobe Must Haves

Little Black Dress:
This is one of the basic and the most essential in women’s clothing. The little black dress is also a personal favorite of mine because of the versatility it offers. Look for a sexy neckline and snazzy back designs. This can be worn as a single piece and depending upon the design, it can also be worn with leggings for an informal event or combined with a shrug for a toned down look. For me, the little black dress is one such wardrobe must have that every woman needs to own. Besides, this is one such item that suits most body types as well.

Pencil Skirts:
Pencil skirts are ideal for a feminine and sophisticated look. When paired with medium heels, these can make you look professional and if it’s a chic look you are aiming for, you can pair it with high-heeled stilettos. Pencil skirts are definitely a must have for women especially a slim one that ends just above the knees. Combine it with skirts or casual tops to suit any occasion.

Sexy Stilettos:
Well, they may hurt our feet, but some thing’s need to be overlooked for fashion! I am sure, most women may not completely agree, but a pair of black stilettos are definitely a must have! Business meetings or a salsa party, these are bound to go with formal business wear as well as party wear. Stilettos are sexy, stylish and can give any outfit a feminine look.

Super Fitting Denim Jeans:
We all know how difficult it is to find the right jeans that fit like a glove! Therefore, the moment you come across jeans that really flatter your figure, go for it girls! Jeans can give you a casual and a sensual look as well. Team it up with Tees, skirts or a sequined halter- there are plenty of ways you can dress up any pair of well fitting jeans.

Fitted jackets:
Get a high quality jacket that is neither too long nor too short, like a shrug. Look for an interesting silhouette and wear it with your professional attire or combine it with a dress! Jackets form an important part of wardrobe must haves for women as they can be combined with various attires to sport different looks.

Classic Clutch Bag:
This is a timeless creation and can be the most ultimate piece to match your formal wear! It is stylish, classy and makes a great eveningwear accessory. These glamorous pieces are a great option instead of lugging around tote bags and bulky shoulder bags. Slip in your bare essential make up items and leave all the baggage at home!
Ok maybe not that Big but imagine it smaller
Chandelier Earrings:
These are not always meant for a red carpet event; chandelier earrings can suit any party or social do. Look for some detailing and earrings studded with precious stones that can match any outfit. These are elegant and look great even if you let your hair loose. Definitely an eternal piece to own!

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