Friday, 25 January 2008

The sad truth

I was reading O magazine the other day and they had a beautiful article on how people make themselves look so dull either by wanting so much to be what they are not or not caring at all. Fashion is full of age traps—dull, unimaginative clothes date you, but so do unwise forays into faddish teenybopper territory. Today I'm going to talk about what you must have and what's got to go, and strategies for everything from print mixing to intelligent accessorizing. Take years off your look!

There are some people that are desperately seeking sexiness:

Some people are just so looking for sexiness that they forget comfort, poise, respect for fashion and go over trashy

Then the are some who just don't know how to and go for a total opposite of sexy

There are some that need development a little here alittle there can do the trick, because that is an overkill of coordination

Desperate to look younger than you are, that you wear your little sisters two sizes smaller than you clothers, that's a no no...

Please stay away from your grannies wardrobe not that it's not nice just that it's suited to her age and her persona

So how to you ask...coming soon to a closet near you...laters

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