Monday, 10 December 2007

Beyonce: Out and about or On Red Carpet

mrskbc said...
Beyonce always looks hot but here... mmmm, tunamkubali tu coz she's Beyonce but that dress... it should have been black.

08 December 2007 16:56

Hi Mrs KBC, Thank you for visiting Finishing Touches. I must say to every viewer out there this woman has talent seriously (My pretty poet, if it is). Anyway I totally agreed with your comment hence why I decided to dedicate a post to it. I actually thought beyonce in this dress, looked like she was forcing it. it's too tight, for a person too shapely and i would definitely agree with it being black which would have made her look slimmer, stylish yet still propotionally curvy. I, myself love beyonce's fashion when she is out and about and not on the red carpet as it's always over done. She is a pretty woman and never needs too I picked some of her recent style that I found really personifies Beyonce's real style as person.

Pretty ain't it
I absolutely fell in love with this look, it' so classy and the mixture of colours is perfect and normally people wouldn't think it would work but it did
Well, a shorter version won't hurt but I found FCUK have really cute purple dress similar to what Beyonce is wearing
Ok fine, I found a red one  exactly the same as Beyonces!!

If you asked me, which DC I like, I would definitely choose Kelly Rowland, she is naturally beautiful and I find her so humble, classy stylish, someone you can almost relate to and her voice is unique although she may not be as popular as Beyonce but One day I am hoping she will have her very deserved break.


Anonymous said...

nyie wote washamba, Beyonce katoka bomba na nguo yake ya green. Manajifanya mnajua, hamjui lolote wivu tu!

Anonymous said...

Actually anonymous, mimi nakubaliana na FT maana imembana sana ila hiyo green ni colour nzuri na kama MRS KBC alivyosema, ingempendeza zaidi ingekuwa black maana kabanwa sana. Sio ushamba wala kujifanya wanajua ila ni ukweli. Na mtu angekuwa na wivu wala asingekuwa ana post humu ndani...!!Ni Opinion ya mtu tu sio lazima ukubaliane nayo. thanks FT for the blog

Anonymous said...

hey yall! Jamani Beyonce is looking fly in that dress! Mimi nimemuona on the TV alikuwa amependeza na anavutia. labda hiyo picha hajatokea vizuri lakini alipendeza sana tu.
Those who said that dress would look better in black, thats their opinions, but it doesnt mean she doesnt look good. Hey, let me say it again, she looks hot!

Marietta said...

You write very well.